Hehehe more writing :)

So although an alarm woke me up at 2:30 am this morning. I don’t feel too bad. Apart from wanting to kick their head in lol.

It was a better day in work, so that made things easier and I took my book into revise for my exam.

Other than that, I’m on a roll in finishing this story. I actually quite like it now. Will have to let you know the final word count when I am done and put a link up.

Anyone interested can find my story REMS at



There is some great artwork provided for my story as well, I think you’ll love them.


If you nosy around at the other episodes, I edited the welcome notes. 🙂


Wish me luck  with this exam and I’ll let you know how I get on with it tomorrow.



writing and revising :)



Today has had a little bit of bad news. The publication I was writing my story for has been postponed. Prob till June, I am not worried over it, it actually gives me more time to polish it and see where the characters take me. But I never work well without a deadline. 😦  sigh….  Tonight I decided to chill out and review instead. I’m reading a script from http://www.talentville.com for a lady who requested me too. I’m actually getting into it now, so it always makes a feature easier if you start to enjoy it.


As for other things I have my exam tomorrow for scuba diving. I am a little nervous, I hate failing at anything and I just feel really not sort of up to it, don’t know why. Probably just jan blues and too nervous. I want to know more and learn more so I’m comfortable. But it scares me too. Yikes… something I want to do frightens me so much, just doesn’t feel right.


Guinea pig,  still manages to scratch a little. I wonder now if he just does it because he’s stressed or upset. As he is on his own. Might see if putting him back with the other will help.


Had a bit of a nightmare with the baby pond and the big fish. Weather is so cold and the heaters are working overtime to try and cope with heating them. All the fish don’t like it and my husband is over feeding them. Not good.


I’m going to have dinner then revise for the exam. Hope you all have a fab evening. 🙂





Been a busy weekend, but yesterday I got the chance to get on with the thing I love the most. Creating a world where I can vanish.


You wonder why I love it so much….


Let me tell you a story, of the fat kid at school. The kid that was bullied and had no real friends. The kid who had no other world to turn to but one of her own making.


In my worlds, I could do anything I wanted. I had friends who wanted to be with me  because of who I was, not what I looked like, and I was loved.


I know I am loved now, but creating people around me who also love me has stuck. My characters breathed life into me when there was nothing there. No hope, no joy, nothing at all. They helped me survive when I didn’t want to carry on and  I’ll always be grateful to them for that. More than they’ll ever be able to appreciate, because after all they’re not really real are they?


Well they are real to me. They were real then in the mind of a struggling 13 year old and they are even more alive now at 33. (yikes)


The world I’ve created for my latest story has come  from a picture. A requested story with an assigned drawing. That drawing of one character sparked the journey of several more. And is now near 4000 words in length. Where it will end yet, I don’t know. They’ve not decided.


I say they haven’t decided because they just haven’t. When I see a character, I see everything. Where they grew up, what they went through, who they went through it with. I feel their passions and I want the same things as they do. I become immersed in their world as though it were my own.


For those that know me and my Secret King series, they know all too well how many nights Taliri has kept me awake for, begging for more things to do, more places to visit and fun to be had.


Sometimes they really are wonderful, then other times (like with Taliri) they can be a pain in the butt. You ever have characters that just won’t shut up?


Anyway, the project I was writing for has been pulled for now.  Bummer… but the story is still going on.


I will finish it, they’re begging me to carry on with it. A story half written isn’t a story at all.


So soon. I’ll post you where it is. 🙂


But for now, I’ll bid you all good night…





Sat night

So yeah, yesterday was a bit of a bummer.


A rushed case of finishing work, going the dentist, shopping and a quick chippy tea. Followed by a few drinks and then bed at 1030. Not much for a friday night.


Sat, hasn’t been much better. Woke with a headache, got up. Cleaned both cages for the guinea pigs out, looked after squeeky the one with the sore. And then went to clean the ponds. Baby pond has been struggling to keep the temp warm without all the extra padding. Had to pull it off last week didn’t I, so that sucks. But all fish look fine, although the big ones are cold and don’t like it, really sluggish and daft, funny to watch.


Spent the rest of the morning the house cleaning and other general things. Went back to bed though for an afternoon kip. 🙂



Getting a little miffed with things due to lack of money, even though it isn’t my fault. Every time Paul opens his mouth it cost us something.


I didn’t want to do anything this weekend, because we’re out at a party next weekend. But, nope my hubby arranged to go to my dads, at first we were going to eat out, but I said we were skint, then his other half was going to cook, now we’re eating out again. We haven’t any cash, and I know they don’t. So I don’t want them paying for us or anything either, so it leaves me with my headache and a feeling that tonight will cost us more cash than I wanted to spend.




I haven’t gotten to do any writing today, due to doing everything else in the house. This bugs me because I have a deadline and suddenly feel like I’ve run out of steam. I’ve just run out of steam with everything else.


I don’t know about Paul being on the sick, but I could sure do with a week to catch up on things. I hate having a job that when you are ill, you get no choice but to go in, because it leaves you stressed and tired for much longer than you have to be.


This time of year sucks……



Well, best get ready to go out, I’ll try and enjoy myself, even though I am defo going to end up paying for it. 😦


Speak soon.




Finally getting  somewhere this week I think my tonsilitis is going, looks that way anyhow.


I managed to swim for a bit last night, first time in a while. Still not made the 40 mark, but considering I haven’t done it I did well 18 lengths. And even Paul managed 12. 🙂


Today even though most of it was slow at work wasn’t so bad. Got things done and was home handy, Paul had the fire lit and the animals looked after so I didn’t have to do anything. Even better.


I’ve managed only 200 words on my short story, but it is doing okay.


Guinea pig still not so good, managed to bandage his leg so hopefully he won’t be able to scratch tonight and wake us up.


All in all not a bad day, got more writing to do, going to aim for another 200 before bed. 🙂


Speak  later.