What else can I say, I woke at 4:30 this morning in agony. I had thought during the week that I felt a little feverish so had taken some beechams etc. But, didn’t think any more of it. So today my whole left side of my neck throat and ear is  in so much pain it is unreal. There are no words to say how bad it feels. Like swallowing red hot molten glass, maybe. Yes, I think that suffices.


I got up at 10, went with Paul to collect my brothers fish  tank, which has gone to a lovely home. His fish 4 of them, went to a different home, but wow, they were bigger than we first thought. Paul dropped me back at home and he went onto deliver the tank.


I went back to bed, and have such, just got back up. Still in agony. I think I might have to see the doc tomorrow… This time last year, I had tonsillitis on and off for 5 weeks. I don’t want it like that for the next few months 😦

Done my jobs, not hoovered though, that can wait till tomorrow. So, I’m off to take some more medicine and relax for the  evening. Night all.