Hectic week

This week has been amazing. It’s gone so fast, I don’t know where. Anyone else having that problem.

It seems I come home from work, have lots of email and stuff to answer and then it’s like 8.30 and I’m too tired for anything.

But, it’s been fun. We’ve had the best response to the TSK facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Secret-King/836723299691777

Trent Pehrson is our Conlang expert and designer for some of the specific language related products. Like Kendro’s Royal pendant. With a little extra promotion, we reached 6000 people and found some new fans.

I am wiped out, but excited all at the same time. It’s been amazing to see this come together over the last few months. I’m very proud and love working with these guys now in my team. 🙂

16889 word count

wow. I’m having such fun in the chat for Nano this year. I am struggling to write. It’s taking so much more effort, and my typos because of my arm, gee wiz. 

But, I’m happy, short one, tired now lol… 


Thanks to the American peeps too who dropped into our chat to take part in word wars, that was the best ever. 🙂 You guys can really type quick. 

Night all. 

D x x

Tough week!

Wow. This week has just flown by. 

I can’t really sort of catch up so this is a sort of a quick one. 



Panicked a little over the older ones acting up. But all seems much better, plenty of fresh water going in. They seem to have perked right up. Still planning on catching the sanke to see how he’s doing underneath. Although looks like swelling and scales have gone down so I’m positive. 


Babies all good 🙂 although a little colder than I wanted. No sulking no signs of anything after their ‘boiling ordeal’… 


Mortgage and the house. 


Well it is a shame, but there isn’t anything we can do at this moment in time. So we’ll have to wait and see what happens when the fixed term ends and see what the mortgage company say. Top and bottom of it is, if we start over paying then what we owe will come down. So, we’ll start there. 🙂 at least we have a plan. 




Best Friends Ep 5 is being filmed. Some parts actually in L.A which is fab 🙂 and The Chronicles of Pandora has really taken a spurt on too. I’m so excited by both these projects. 


The Secret King – The Beginning is moving forward once more. I’ve learnt so much with my sessions with E.J that I now need to focus on and actually do the work now. On my own, with just the editing and the kick ass part of the process. I’m excited because we have a battle plan and I’m looking forward to getting this novel to the absolute best it can be. I don’t like to rush anything and it might take me a while longer but I’m still aiming for this year. 🙂 

So much to do, so little time. But I’m loving ever minute. Although I can’t shake this cold crap. 4 weeks now. I feel much better with how things are going. Some knowing and being able to plan things is better than nothing at all. It is the not knowing that kills me. 

I will speak to you soon. 🙂  Thank for stopping in. 




Editing session today. Just fab! :)

Hey there, 

As I said in my last blog, There is never enough time in the day. Today has been one of those days. 🙂 eek. Dealing with one thing after another but in an exciting way. And I am so tired, with all the bad weather last night, I never got a wink of sleep.

Then I was worrying over today’s session with E.J… wondering if the edits I’d worked on since last week were what she was hoping for, etc etc. it made me even more tired. lol but I need not have worried. 

I’ve had my third session of five. And I have to admit I don’t want them to end. :Something for E.J and myself to work out there… 

E.J has done exactly what I wanted, and have been searching for, for over 18mths. I wanted, someone to help and teach me more about story telling and the English language. Not just editing, as in… punctuation, grammar. But more about the craft. I know that my writing  needs final editing and proofing, after all what writers doesn’t. But, I wanted to get my readers more engaged in my story, and as a script writer it wasn’t quite happening. In swoops E.J to save the day. 

For me, E.J’s process started with the first session. Probably the hardest for us both, getting to know and work with each other, but for me it wasn’t as hard as I thought. We got right on with the job and worked through 3 pages. The second session came and another 3 pages. Each time with me trying to put into the file, what I’ve learned.

Today’s session was much quicker and easier I found, (finally something is sinking in)  although we ran over a tid bit, we managed to get through 9 pages. Awesome. To me that shows I am learning. Of course, dialogue moves things a bit faster, but hey ho.

I actually am learning, and I am so happy, that as things were being moved around I felt comfortable to add lib and speak my mind. (takes a lot for me to feel comfortable actually talking to anyone)… because of my past and self confidence issues. I know I really have come such a long way in the last four years. 

E.J is extremely nice to talk to and very easy to work with. I would highly recommended her for any writer, at any stage in their writing process.

I  even think seasoned writers could learn something from her. 

Anything that makes you a better writer has to be a bonus. It isn’t just about choosing your words , it is about what is best for your story. 

I’ve learned in these three session how to differentiate between ‘script-writing’ and ‘story-telling’ something which even though I’ve had a couple stories e-pubbed, that I’ve still struggled with. 

I know I can write good scripts.  That has taken me a while to get to grips with.

I want to write great stories to help forward my scripts. Especially the TV series my friend and I have worked so hard on. 

I will get there. I know it. 

So, for any of you who want to learn more and become a better writer, head on over to E.J’s blog. See what she can offer you, (very reasonable rates) and just go for it.

If you want to be a professional and make a career out of it. Then what price is a small investment? Got to be much better for you than ‘self pubbing’ something that just isn’t ready…

Her page is at… http://ejrunyon.wordpress.com/

I’m bushed now, so heading off for an early night. No hail stones, please. I need some sleep. 


Catch you all soon. 


Dawn x 






Tues.. already :)

Sometimes I just don’t know where the time flies.

What happened to Sunday and Monday… lol.

Well, loved the 40th party for my friend. It was really frosty going out, but I wasn’t driving so I relaxed and let hubby look after me.

Colin had a lovely birthday party, the food was good, the singing was good. And the DJ his brother was good too… 🙂

Sunday, was just a chill out day for me, I’d drank more than a bottle of wine, and something a work collegue introduced to me, called ‘desperados’ very strong, had tequila in it. yikes.

When they announced the bar was doing shots for 1.50 I steered clear. Didn’t have a hang over or anything so that made a nice change.

And then we were back in work. A frost morning and a dull start to the week. That sort of continued across into today. People don’t have the cash after the hols to buy lunch out every day. It’s to be expected, so it always drops off this time of year, still it makes the day’s drag when you don’t get to see or chat to everyone.

Got a good couple of reviews on the first two chapters of TSK – The Beginning now. 🙂 Think I am getting there, still a long way to go, but I know the more I learn about my own style and mistakes the easier the other chapters are to alter.

I am very hopeful that this latest ‘version’ will have much better thoughts from my beta readers.

I also sorted out some hours with a ‘mentor/coach’ yesterday. When I get paid at the end of the month, I can arrange some time with her to work through any other issues, but it’s all really exciting now. I am so stoked to be getting this book ready for market. I don’t care how long it takes, even if I miss the June deadline for createspace. It will be published.

In other news, Best Friends Ep 5 is being filmed in Feb, a little harder to do for the team this time around as it involves actually being in LA… mega stuff.

Can’t wait for that, they’ve secured a wonderful location to be the ‘ice cream parlour’ Do check it out on their facebook page.


How is everyone else doing?