New Release – Girl Crush



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Girl Crush is an erotic female romance novella that brings to light that one time…

The one time you found yourself questioning your so-called sexuality, potentially risking your friendship. What if the feelings aren’t reciprocated?

Confusion and pain brings them closer together, feeding from one another’s strengths and thrusting them into each other’s arms.

Are the risks of their new-found love worth the result?

This novelette is catered to adults over 18 as it does contain a high level of consensual MF (1 scene)/FF sex.

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TL Travis is the published author of The Sebastian Chronicles, The Database, and Hat Trick along with numerous other erotic musings (and many more in the works), The Elders Trilogy – an erotic paranormal (Vampire) romance novel series and many non-fiction articles.

In her spare time she likes to fish, enjoy all the Pacific Northwest has to offer, spin spicy erotic webs for readers to enjoy, and rescue any 4 legged lost souls she comes across. Since her children are grown and have flown the coop, she’s taken to spoiling her two deaf white boxers even more so than they were before.

And as always please remember – adopt a pet, don’t shop. Saving that life might just save yours.

New Release – Electric Blue

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Electric Blue is a poetry collection scheduled for release in June 2017. It will be on Kindle, as most things are these days, but the paperback is by far more interesting. It will be a limited edition of 50 or 100 copies, printed, bound and numbered by me. The printing will be carried out entirely in blue ink at a local micropress, Rabbits Road Press. I intend to use a bold repertoire of fonts to maintain style and readability. Each book will be unique due to minor differences in the printing, binding and paper used. The imperfections of the process are part of its charm.

The poems themselves span over half of my life, from skewed, critical teenagehood to brain injury and beyond. Some of them are lyrics from an abandoned album. Certain motifs ñ birds, light, science fiction/fantasy ñ keep cropping up. Electric Blue explores some themes from the memoir But Iím Not Depressed, and can be read as its companion or alone.

Author Bio – Lia Rees

Lia Rees lives in London. She loves music, particularly prog rock, chillout and anything melancholy. Her ideal house involves plenty of books, attractive lamps and things made from coloured glass. Open-source culture and wild places excite her, and she has dabbled in the creative arts of jewellery making, crochet and T-shirt design.

Since 2005, she has been living with the psychological and cognitive effects of an acquired brain injury. Her first book, “But I’m Not Depressed”, uses a lyrical, honest writing style to convey the loss of language and personality itself, and her search for answers in a flawed medical system. She writes to bring readers into the surreal world of the survivor, and to save other survivors from the psychology trap. A follow-up book is planned on the effects of brain injury in high-IQ people.

Her “day job” involves creating book covers and videos for authors. She also has ambitions for a science fantasy trilogy and a concept album.

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Audiobook Review – The Rules of Supervillainy – Vol 1

One of the funniest and most entertaining audio I’ve come across. 🙂 a must read/listen!

“The most fun I’ve ever had.”

I saw this one crop up on my lists so many times, Jeffery Kafer is one of the best narrators out there, and he usually nails it, but this kind of genre I wasn’t so sure on. So I never bothered. Until most recently, where I discovered CT Phipps works and had one of my other friends almost order me to buy these, and I’ve very glad I did.

What I really loved about this book was not just the narration, man Jeffery do you blow this one out the water. Gary’s voice, his sense of weird humour and fun was just performed down to a T. I can’t stress how much you made me laugh out loud. I must have seemed like a crazy person.

This whole plot was just a gas from start to finish, one of the funniest books I’ve ever listened to, and although I don’t really think of myself as a superhero or comic book fan, this just won me over to the dark side.

Gary was such a great and dorkable idiot. He really, really wants to be a supervillain. And yet, everyone else thinks’s he’s not cut out for it, he seems to be doing more good than bad. Haha, Red is great, I love her character, spunky and also just on the verge of being so dopey it’s awesome.

The story itself has some fantastic action, great twists to how things turn out, and the ending just leaves you wanting so much more.

For anyone who wants something fun, entertaining and with some great character depth. This book is it! Highly recommended.

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