Why do things have to be so complicated?

Why does life have to be so cruel?


I’m hurting now as much as ever, and Paul could never know.


Yes I love him dearly, more than I could say.

But is it just enough to last me through today.


I want so much in life,

To be a perfect wife, maybe a mother.

But is it meant to be?


You hurt me so deeply, when you left that night.

I feel things lately will never turn out right.


I can’t believe it happened, that you were wrenched away.

I hope I will see you again one day.


You helped me so much, you were my only friend.

The only one who loved me, at least until the end.


Why can’t life be perfect?

Why can’t I be me?


Am I destined to hide forever and never be free?



Dawn Chapman 28th January 1999

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Deep dark secrets are hidden inside,

Fresh thoughts and wild ambition,

Desire takes part in all life, but love takes over.

Pain and sorrow, wither and die.


Born again to the world.

Live, Love and Cry.








What is Time?

Day to day.

I don’t feel,

Why feel?


What is all this, but fear and hate.

The moods swing,




Will it ever settle and let me go.





Dawn Chapman 1999


By kanundra Posted in poem