Bobby’s feathers

This is so I can link them to a parrot forum which seemed to have reached its quota on pictures. 

I’m thinking he’s heading into a moult. And some of his feathers were pretty cut in a wing trim to stop him flying. 

He’s pretty grouchy today and yesterday. Although misting him seems to ease the scratching. 

Pics are… 



The first feather is one he bent in the cage and snipped off himself. The last one is the one which you can see has been clearly ‘cut’ 




I’m going to post about other things later on, I hope. 🙂 


Dawn x 

Why keep Character Description To A Minimum in Your Opening

Excellent information. Nice one… For any of my followers. EJ’s coaching will be the best thing you’ve ever tried. And will improve your writing, even if you’re already a pro! 🙂

E.J. Runyon's Author Blog

If you’ve written an opening for a character it’s not always wise to start your story with only description. That can be a bit boring – like looking at a still-life painting, or out the car window at a building you’re approaching. It’s static.

Writing out a description of your MC usually has very little movement to it. Plus, the most common thing that novices do is step away from the scene while they’re telling their readers about the colour of someone’s hair, or the clothes that they wear. If you’re going to tell us about those things, make them do double duty by reflecting either the character’s state of being, or the tone you’re trying to get across in your narrative voice.

Gus Sanchez commented recently:

I like to keep descriptions about people’s physical appearances to a minimum, unless there’s something about their physical appearance that drives their character…

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Heat Wave :)

This might only be a short one, but finally we have some wonderful sun. It stayed over the weekend into the bank holiday and was glorious. It continued today and was lovely out and about on my working run. 

Paul’s making progress with Bobby. He managed to get him out the cage to fly to him. Yey! 

Everything else is going well so far. 🙂 This week is looking up. 

Two more to go and I’m on holiday as well. The countdown begins, lol. 


Speak soon… 


D x x