A month to catch up on…

It’s been a horrid month and a bit, and I’ve stayed away from posting because it’s not been good at all. My husband lost his job, and financially we took a severe hit. A really bad hit. Over a month with no wage…. and yeah I freaked out. I smiled and pretended things were all okay, when inside, everything horrid was going on. Suffering with depression and a severe lack of self worth once, makes those evil voices in your head, say even worse things to you, and all the coping behaviours that I used to use, wanted to come back. In the end, I had to just use what I could to survive, which now, I need a good kick up the backside from and to pull my head out my ass.

Everything that could go wrong just did, and it all came at once, my car’s exhaust fell off, and we were also due to go on holiday… and yeah it really sucked beyond just sucking… I was low, and very unsure of what was going to happen for us… (and being low the diet went out the window, I drank far too much, also I injured myself falling over the day he got sacked. haha)

But we dug in, tightened our belts and with the support of my friends and family we got through it. We’re back on the up, hubby started a new job and fingers crossed in a month or so we’ll be back to fighting fit 🙂

Our holiday away, was amazing, and I love Devon for being the best place ever.

But, then you come home, and you have to go back to work. Sigh…

The first week back in work is always the hardest and yeah it was. But I won’t go into all that. haha.

Moving onwards we’ve still loads of exciting things for TSK and us.

I will keep you posted. 🙂


Holiday catch up….


Paul drove us the 5 hours down to Collumpton in Devon, where we stayed at Forrest Glade Holiday park. It was horrendous on the way down. The rain reminded us of what it was like in August heading to the koi show. 

I did attempt a little drive, from Tesco to the site. But it wasn’t nice. Even turning the wheel hurt. This hasn’t been any fun at all these past few weeks. I want things to get back to normal. 

Here’s a video of the rain…. https://vimeo.com/77663748

First night in the van was great though. Reminded me what it was like on the riverside when we lived in a caravan. The rain bounced off the roof, all night. It was exhilarating. 

Although the bed was a nightmare. My hip and my back ached all night. I knew there was a reason I paid £1500 for a special mattress. To get a nights sleep. But I was surprised to find my arm took a step backwards too. It really hurt. I wasn’t sure if it was the 5 min of driving though. So…. but need I say, I didn’t get to do any more. Hubby was a star and he drove all the time. 


The van from outside 🙂 


Took a drive and a walk around in the rain to Collumpton 🙂 It was nice and wet. lol But I bought Bobby a little treat, a cat ball with a bell in it. (which he doesn’t like yet though) 




Hubby relaxing after some meds 🙂


Today we went to Honiton, the sun was out and it was lovely 🙂 Did lots of chilling out as hubby’s full of a cold now. So he’s suffering, as men do. Shame. He’s all cute when he’s like this. 



We went to visit Chris at ACM koi 🙂 Was so lovely to see him and his new Koi house. His fish are amazing and really vibrant. Tonight was the only night we allowed ourselves to go out. Cash has been tight so it was great to be out, but didn’t want to go to mad. Dinner was great. Went to ‘Keepers Cottage’ we’ve been there a few times over the last fifteen years. 




We were up early to finish packing. And it was almost a much easier drive home. Got stuck in three accidents on the Motorways. With not a mention on the radio about the last which was a major one. Tail backs for miles. Took us just as long to get home as it was going as we were stuck for 40 mins in it. Driving past the carnage I felt so sorry for the people involved. Really not a nice situation to be involved in, and I can only hope there were no fatalities. 


Got home and mostly unpacked, jobs done. All animals cleaned, fed and watered. It made a nice afternoon, to get to kip in our own bed too. 🙂 


So now, Sunday and I’ve managed to catch up on some things. Mum cleaned some of the house while we were away. And she had the cheek to say how mucky it was…. duh I’ve had a broken arm, try cleaning one handed… But it was nice that she did it and looked after all our pets too. Love her to bits. 


I have physio again tomorrow, not looking forward to it. But at least back in my own bed it’s not hurting quite as much. I can get some normal amount of sleep if I can call it that. 


Onwards, and soon to be in november, eek where has this year gone. 


Speak soon. 



Holiday to Devon :)

After much deliberation on wether we should go or not, we decided that a break away from our home would do us both some good. 

Having so much time off work hasn’t done our finances any good. And although we have some savings, it’s deciding on what to do with it that matters. 

The car is full of fuel and I’m packed ready to go. Not too sure how much driving I will be able to manage, it’s been 5 weeks now, so I have to give it a go. My arm is without real pain most of the day now, but it’s a dull ache, that is always there. The worst thing is it pops and grinds and that does hurt still. I can’t pick up big things or open out back door with it yet, but I am now managing to eat with it. Big bonus. Handling a fork in your left hand is a nightmare. (so is asking your other half to cut up your meat for you) 

There are some other personal things which are still difficult, like combing my hair if it has a lot of knots in it or tying it up. But it’s getting a little easier, and not as painful to try. 


So, Devon here we come. I’m taking my Mac, and kindle and plan on lots of nice ‘wet’ walks with my other half. Hoping to catch a couple of friends for an hour or so too. 🙂 

My mum is in charge of the pets. Bobby, Spooky, the main pond and the QT, so hopefully all will go okay. 

Will let you see some pictures. 


Have a good week everyone. 


D x 

Weeks holiday : )

I’ve had a wonderful weeks holiday. Only been around the house and pottering about. Had lots of time to spend with Bobby. And lots of time to write.

Bobby is coming along in leaps and bounds, he’s had first blood. But, I’m actually really getting him used to me. He’s no longer scared. He’s eating well and I’m so happy for him. First vet visit on wed for him. Want to check out how his wings are and his feather condition. 🙂


Here’s a pic for you….

a runner bean

with a runner bean


I had booked extra time with EJ, which was very beneficial. I learned loads this week. And I’ve finalised my first two chapters. In regards to their pacing and style. Maybe some people still won’t like it, or think there is too much stuff to come before it. But I’m happy with it. I think it’s ‘near’ there. 🙂 You can never say perfect. As writers we’re always tweaking something or another. lol

The weather has been pretty hit and miss, it’s left the garden growing well. Because of the rain and the sunshine. And it’s left my main pond green and warm 🙂

My fish are even thinking of spawning today. So it just shows how much its changed in a week. 🙂

I am very happy to say there are no problems with them, where as there was for the most part of last year. No changes and fingers crossed that it’s a nice summer.

Last day off on my hols tomorrow, and I’m glad I’ve had the rest. I’m not overly looking forward to re-joining the rat race. But I’ll be happy to get back into things.

Mum flies to spain with Frank on Friday for a week, so we’re looking after their cat for a week, he’ll just want some food and cuddles in the evening. He’s a cute cat, so I don’t mind. I’ll just have to slot him in where the rest of my pets don’t demand attention.

So, onwards to tomorrow and hopefully I’ll speak to you soon.