The Fiasco In News Review: Sarcasm Is A Superpower

Fantastic review! Do check this book out, it’s amazing!

The Comic Vault

Over the last decade, superheroes have shot into the mainstream, creating two cinematic universes. You might think the formula for a superhuman tale has become worn out with all the origin stories. But there’s still plenty of room for innovation, as writer Stephan Morse has shown with his novel, The Fiasco In News. The book tells the story of 21-year-old Adam Millard, who’s superpower involves causing all sorts of mayhem to happen. Morse sent me an advanced copy of his self-published eBook in exchange for an honest review and here are my thoughts.

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New Release – Skin Deep

Science Fiction author  JJ Clayborn of Starsong Chronicles: Exodus, is releasing a mystery-thriller book in the sci-fi genre. The book is expected to release July 15, 2017 and should be available for Pre-Order in mid-May

The US Forest Service Rangers get called to investigate a strange meteorite impact in the Holly Springs National Forest.  Ranger James Hutchinson is dragged into the investigation when his partner begins to act strangely and then disappears. James has to solve this mystery soon – the longer he takes, the more people begin acting strangely. Now it’s a race against the clock to figure out where his partner is and what’s causing his erratic behavior before it’s too late.