Hi everyone,

I guess its been a very long time since I actually wrote a blog.

I got caught up in things at home and life in general and this place sort of got lost.

Anyway, I am doing well, after falling off a horse last year, I gained 8kg which was hard for me, because I felt really awful, but I am learning to live with my new larger size. I am a little over weight, but I was never meant to be really skinny. I could lose a few and probably will before the summer, but at the moment I am trying not to obsess about it, and just be me.

I eat regularly now, every morning I eat brecky, and I treat myself to a bacon and sausage butty from the van behind where I work.

I eat good at night, either Paul or myself cooks, and I can even eat a little of something I never allowed myself before, chocolate.

I still aint that keen on it but its getting there.

Anyway, my writing is good, the site I am on mostly is zhura.com I write there daily and take part in their writing comunity which is brill.

I am entering competitions and hopefully things will pick up this year.

Its been a tough one, Paul was involved in an accident in his bus. Someone pulled out on him and the front end of the bus was a right off, the fire brigade had to free him from the cab as he was stuck. He badly damaged his arm, shoulder and back and was off work for three months, then when he did go back into work he was laid off after about 3 weeks.

He hasn’t got a job yet, but is hoping for something soon.

Cath you all again soon, and I hope to start bloggin once again.



Hey there guys.

So been a while, and everything seems to be going ok. Only have seen one fish flick once, so I guess we just have to wait now and see.

I will if things start to get worse again, have another scrape done, and then have to rethink about everything.

One of our biggest problems is the frogs….. and I am sure they just keep bringing more bugs.

Speak soon, and keep you informed. The weather can only get better.


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Has anyone used F and M, against Chilodonella before, if so what were the results?

After the pond being dosed correctly, today with the weather being warmer all the other fish (who weren’t flicking are now flicking and trying to jump out of the pond)

I know this isn’t good at all. So any ideas, is it because of the treatment. I am more upset now about them than I was before….

Paul is ringing Holmeswood back in the morning to see what they say about it, and to see if the bug is still present, and if so going to ask when we can redose the pond.

I don’t want to rish hurting our fish if there is no bug there… perhaps they are just upset because the formaldahyde removes there mucus protection. I just dont know?

I just wish they would stop bouncing around the pond it isn’t nice to see at all.

I tested all my water perams again and they are all still spot on. So fingers crossed they are a little upset with the treatment and not still affected with bugs….


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