AudioBook Review – Another Man’s Treasure

I was interested to listen to this story, a genre I wasn’t sure of at first.  But I was given a chance by the narrator. I enjoyed it, as I said. And Janelle has a really great voice to listen too. 

Another Man's Treasure: Palmyrton Estate Sale, Book 1 | [S.W. Hubbard]

“Enjoyed it a lot.”

I noticed Janelle post on a facebook group I’m in looking for reviews on the next book, she was kind enough to let me listen to this one (with no obligation to review)

What I found in this story was a very interesting main character who had a pretty ordinary life. But that life is blown out the water by a treasure chest. And a whole load of mystery revolving around her family.

Janelle has a wonderful sweet character voice for Audrey and she even plays really well the gents characters, just enough lower depth to them. I liked Tai too he had such awesome drawl. 🙂

What kept me entertained had to be the whole mystery, I can admit that I’ve not listened to or read many in this genre so the twists and plot points around the story kept me very entertained, and wondering the who, what and why. I was glad that it played out as it did and the ending was extremely well done.

I’d like more in this series to see what happens with Audrey and her friends, and maybe even to see if there’s some genuine romance between her and the policeman. Their relationship was great, protector to friend. That’s the kind of story I’m interested in, not the posh guy who was asked to date her, then kidna fell for her that trope is over done. I think my only main concern was the length of the overall story, it held my interest but it might have been a little on the long side.

Looking forward to more. Thank you for the opportunity to get to listen in. 🙂

AudioBook Review – Anomalies

It isn’t too often that I don’t get that sucked into a world. This happened to be one of those stories I was a little on the fence over. The audio narrator did a wonderful job, and kept it pretty exciting even though there were some repetitive plot points. But I was wanting to show some of my other thoughts on writing and that obviously not everything is 5 stars.
A good listen still though despite a few flaws.
Anomalies | [Sadie Turner, Colette Freedman]


I liked the premise of this book so requested to listen to it, and this was provided without obligation.

This is the first time I’ve listened to Lucinda, and I think her first book, though not sure. However, although her accent seemed very well pronounced, can I use the word posh, lol I really enjoyed the performance. She had a nice spin on Keeva as a 15 year old. And she kept me going on a story that maybe wasn’t something I’d actually keep on listening to.

Writing wise, I did think the story had some pretty weak spots. The fact some things were repeated from one chapter to the next, really grated on me. Almost the same info, just from two perspectives.

I did enjoy the POV switch to Calix, (apart from that one repetitive chapter) and his life and the life his father wants for him was well developed. I could really get behind him and the way his mother brought him up, and to the way his father wanted him to take over ruling.

I think there were some good twists, Son, and the traitor within the rebels, but Keeva was a little slow in the uptake there… and I wonder why.

The whole novel seemed to only just really get going….when it ended. The battle itself to stop the desalination plant, a huge let down. There really wasn’t a lot to win, it seemed just too easy. And so the kidnap of Kai just didn’t work for me and left the end of the book on too much of a downer. I almost wished it was just slowed down a bit more, a little more of a fight…

Overall thoughts though, this was different, and the world building was good and the characters, a little young, but they do grow. And they grow into much better characters. I do hope there’s another because I would like to come back and find out what happens to Keeva and her friends.

Thank you for the entertaining hours 🙂

AudioBook Review – Heart of Gold

Nice to be back with Joe after the AI series. More fantasy than I’m used to, but this was a great listen. I did wish it were longer, but overall, very entertaining.
Heart of Gold: Clans of Shadow, Book 1 | [J. A. Cipriano, J. B. Garner]

“Loved this story.”

This was defo a little more fantasy than I’m used to, with wizards and magic, and all that jazz. But, with Joe narrating, from horror to fantasy I know it’s pretty much got to be a good listen, it didn’t disappoint.

Right from the get go Frank Butchers’ personality and snarky way of life pulls you in, he’s a young hip lad with life the way he likes it, and then everything is literally blown up around him and in trying to do the right thing he’s thrown into a world that he knows nothing about. I did think that the Doctor, was a little easy a story plot point for him, he’s pretty set in his ways, but at the mention of a kid then he goes all out for someone he doesn’t know. If there’s been a little more rapport with the Doc, I might have fallen for it a little more. But that’s my only real caveat. After all Franks first thoughts are to his mum and that does show some integrity to his family values, I just can’t attach that to the woman doctor who he only knows as a client for delivery parcels.

This story is pretty action packed, and what I do like about it is that although Frank does come off as a bit of a young jerk, we get to know all his reasons, his why’s and we then also get to see his character arc develop into that much more. The guy we kinda like turns into someone who we are routeing for and want to win. No matter the odd he’s facing.

Some great story telling, couple it with Joe’s fantastic narration and acting, and this one’s a winner. I’m very interested in seeing where else this series goes. 🙂

AudioBook Review – Independence

Love Nick Webb and would defo recc this one if you enjoyed the Legacy Series. 🙂


Independence: The Legacy Ship Trilogy, Book 1 | [Nick Webb]

“New series to follow?”


I had this on pre order and when I got to listen found it very interesting.

Much later on in the life of Proctor, which I found to be cool. After all there would have been a hopefully good space of peace etc. But, it seems not everything went as well as we’d hoped for humanity after Granger saved us. There’s been a lot of controversy still. And when Proctor is asked back to Captain a new ship because of a new threat, it soon becomes clear that there’s more afoot and has been for many years.

There’s a fair bit of will she won’t she at first, and learning her nephew’s involvement with a planets annihilation and the hows and why is what drives her to do the best she can.

Good to see some gamiliar faces in here too, and his son, who is mostly like his dad, and does exaclty what his dad does disobey orders.

Lots of exciting battles fought, loved the grangerites, haha I guess a hero really can be idolised that much, but somehow they were right and there was a message for her.

Greg, as usual does a great job with the narration. He puts so much effort into each character, and he really makes the older ‘proctor’ such a gem to follow into space. We are really routing for her in this story, and for those under her command. Some don’t make it, but what war can be fought without losses. Good emotional story… kudos to both writer and narrator 🙂

As an aside, I did think there were a couple of funny moments, where I laughed at the writing choices, like tranny-jump… but the science still behind the new tech, the aliens and the war is good. Enjoyed it a lot, and will look out for more.

Pokes to see if there are any written… Oh yes, lots in Nick Webb’s Kindle Worlds… they’re great BTW shame Greg isn’t narrating all those as well 🙂

AudioBook Review – Owners Share

Got behind already with my reviews, sigh.

Finished this about two weeks ago! eeek. But life got in the way, so I’m scheduling these over the holidays.


Review – Owners Share ——-

  • “no way… last one!”


    It’s taken me a while to get to writing up some reviews, my bad.

    I was excited for this, because I knew it was the last in this series. But also a little worried about the length of it. Most of the other books were a lot shorter.

    However, I didn’t think at all that it was overly long at all. Each day I listened (about 4 hours a day) there was enough entertainment and interest for me to keep on wanting more and more.

    The death of anyone can upset the apple cart, but to lose the main man who he reports to is tough, and the echo from that, and the proposal that comes his way is very intriguing. There are so many hidden depths to the story and you’re guessing what is going on, and making wrong calls, because we don’t expect things. Ishmael takes on a new ship and crew and amazingly enough seems to do okay.

    And this audiobook took us through, okay, anger, heartache, love, heartbreak, and had me totally on the edge of my driving seat. I admit, there were a couple of things I saw coming, but they also had me crying. With one deft twist there too. So be prepared to be emotionally involved a lot with this book, it’s gripping to the point you won’t want to stop listening. (and in fact after getting home one day from work, I couldn’t I had to get to the end) Kudos to Nick for that.

    There’s a couple of things that grated on me a little more than it did in the other stories, some repetitive word choices that I really think he needs to watch out for in his other works, as well. haha.

    but other than those, I was extremely glad to have been on this journey with Ishmael, handled expertly well by the great voice of Jeffery Kafer. Is there going to be more? I hope so, because it’s interesting to actually see and witness, the cooking and cleaning and the basic rituals of life on board a ship. Yes it seems to be just that, and stocking and supplying everything on a ship you’d think to be totally boring, some might, but it doesn’t come across like that in the novel. It seems just right, and seems to work. 🙂

    I am going to take a look around and see if there’s anything else by this fab team. I’m going to miss Ishmael and his life.

    Thank you very much for the journey. It’s been a pleasure.