1st day of hols :)

Okay, so we had loads to do.

Of which we got masses done. We went out shopping this morning. Managed to spend £50. We came home and moved the 3 tonne of slate which has been blocking out back door for 3 months. Then I decided it was time we started on our bedroom, and we began to rip out all the built in cupboards and the original fireplace. Wow, what hard work, and messy too.

But now I have my bed sort of where it should be, and I have a great big hole in the wall. At least when it is finished, I can have all my files on show, so I don’t have to route through everything to find something from years ago.

Great stuff. on our way.

Nope… we now need a builder to come and check out the fireplace, as there are too many loose bricks and it might fall in. Not good. Plus the walls need re-plastering papering and decorating. Not to mention the fact the shelves need building on both sides.

Lots more work and lots more expense, a bit like the hallway. Take the paper off and half the wall came with it, re-plastering etc later and a bill for £200…. Ouch.

Oh well am chilled out now, got a full belly, and am having a well deserved drink.

Doctors tomorrow about my ear ache, and sore knee. Hope everything is okay.

Speak soon.


On holiday!!

Wooo hooo…

So I finished today for a whole week. Seven whole days away from work. I am excited, but I also have terrible ear ache. I think its a trip to the doctors tomorrow 😦 typical me that.

We have a good few jobs set to start this week. Need to get a quote to put a gas pipe into out living room, and I need to start taking out the built in cupboards in the bedroom, so I can knock out the fire and re build. Might need to replaster first as well though. All busy busy, we’re going to Liverpool to get our passports on tuesday and then hoping to start the sick pond on Wed. Need to lay a concrete base before the guys can come and install it. Then I would like to get the little fish in there for the winter, but it might not happen just yet. They are in a heated pond, and couldn’t just drop them in there, it needs to be heated too, and running properly.

Oh the joy. I was hoping I would get some writing time in. I am sure I might, but not as much as I would have liked. My best mate is pushing me to start querying tsk. (The Secret King for those who don’t know my writing.) I do want to but in a sense am scared too.

I have put almost two years into this project. Its grown in so many ways, and been through so so many changes. Its a completely different project than I had first imagined, I didn’t think about a series until my (now) co-writer suggested it, and the whole series was born. I am proud of it, and amazed by it, the characters are alive and living in a world which I created. To have another writer understand them as much as I do is just the best thing I could have asked for and -K- has surpassed any expectations I had of working with someone.

Don’t get me wrong, I know I must frustrate the hell out of him sometimes, as my characters frustrate me. But we have done great, we have a 2 hour pilot special and 8 episodes. Now on the 9th.


Me? How am I feeling? A little lost, a little in-different. Something isn’t right and I can’t quite figure out what it is. My eating went off the rails about a month ago. I thought it was all the stress one of my so called friends was putting me through. I sorted out that problem, but my eating still isn’t on par. I am frustrated at myself. I’ve lost weight, and quite a bit in a short period of time. For me the inner person is screaming at me to carry on. Its annoying. Very annoying. Because I have been in recovery for two years. I won’t go back, but something is slipping. I am slipping. I don’t want to slip.

I will figure it out. I will get to the bottom of this…


A hard day!!

Ok so what happened today, I got up and I went into work… How exciting. It was just gonna be one of those days, and I knew it.

Believe me it was. Learned that our night man has been sacked. In a way I am glad because the job will be a lot easier on me now that someone who does his work is there. On the other hand I do feel a little sorry for him. Losing your job isn’t easy. 😦

Anyway I knew it was going to be a bad day, and working in a petrol station is pretty fraught with certain dangers.

Even though you still don’t expect a customer to blatently walk across the forecourt smoking and then flick his still let cigarette towards the door. Of course I was straight on the tannoy system. Not a happy bunny. The stupid idiot then had the nerve to come in and have a go at me, saying I never went to school, and that petrol isn’t flammable to a naked flame. Oh geese, I thought excuse me, but it might not be the petrol which is flammable (and of course it it) but the dangerous thing is petrol vapors.

I think he was just upset as I had called him out in front of everyone, but he did a major stupid thing. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Anyway, done some more plotting for nano. I think its a big story…. so onwards with it.

And as for the rest of my evening, I am just going to chill and catch up with my friends.


Oh my….

On the verge of nanowromo, I decided to create a blog.

Is it to blog about my success at writing the 50.000 words or is it just to moan about how much I haven’t done when I should be doing it. Umm I am unsure yet.

I have however been plotting my novel out this morning. And have got the first 9 chapters sorted out. Where the story goes from there I have no idea! help…. I think this could be a collosal fail like last year.

No.. no don’t think like that.

I attempted script frenzy in April, and I managed to write the 100 pages and then some in 9 days, so I am sure I can do it. Then later in the year I also managed my own nano, in turning my pilot sci fi series into a sort of book. This time I am totally determined to win nano…

Ok so how are other things in my life.

Where to start really.

The beginning… no far too boring.

I think I will let things unfold as they happen, for anyone interested in the past. There is a lot here to go at.

The past is the past and I don’t think I need to go there again.

Anyway, back into work tomorrow, after my normal days off. Just Saturday and Sunday to work then I am off for a week. Getting things planned and doing some much needed work around the house.

I think that’s it for now. Back to some novel plotting. 🙂



Well treatment for the koi went in this morning. I didn’t double dose, just put one packet in, which treats for 5500 gal, mine is about 4800 tops.

pond is at 13 degrees, a couple of fish acting up tonight, my yamabuki,and a silver one, they are going nuts off the bottom. Do these bugs not like dying, do they bite more or something. Or is the treatment not as effective in the colder weather, I am gonna heat to 15 degrees and re treat in 7 days.

I just don’t like seeing them scratch, poor things.