1st day of hols :)

Okay, so we had loads to do.

Of which we got masses done. We went out shopping this morning. Managed to spend £50. We came home and moved the 3 tonne of slate which has been blocking out back door for 3 months. Then I decided it was time we started on our bedroom, and we began to rip out all the built in cupboards and the original fireplace. Wow, what hard work, and messy too.

But now I have my bed sort of where it should be, and I have a great big hole in the wall. At least when it is finished, I can have all my files on show, so I don’t have to route through everything to find something from years ago.

Great stuff. on our way.

Nope… we now need a builder to come and check out the fireplace, as there are too many loose bricks and it might fall in. Not good. Plus the walls need re-plastering papering and decorating. Not to mention the fact the shelves need building on both sides.

Lots more work and lots more expense, a bit like the hallway. Take the paper off and half the wall came with it, re-plastering etc later and a bill for £200…. Ouch.

Oh well am chilled out now, got a full belly, and am having a well deserved drink.

Doctors tomorrow about my ear ache, and sore knee. Hope everything is okay.

Speak soon.