Oh my….

On the verge of nanowromo, I decided to create a blog.

Is it to blog about my success at writing the 50.000 words or is it just to moan about how much I haven’t done when I should be doing it. Umm I am unsure yet.

I have however been plotting my novel out this morning. And have got the first 9 chapters sorted out. Where the story goes from there I have no idea! help…. I think this could be a collosal fail like last year.

No.. no don’t think like that.

I attempted script frenzy in April, and I managed to write the 100 pages and then some in 9 days, so I am sure I can do it. Then later in the year I also managed my own nano, in turning my pilot sci fi series into a sort of book. This time I am totally determined to win nano…

Ok so how are other things in my life.

Where to start really.

The beginning… no far too boring.

I think I will let things unfold as they happen, for anyone interested in the past. There is a lot here to go at.

The past is the past and I don’t think I need to go there again.

Anyway, back into work tomorrow, after my normal days off. Just Saturday and Sunday to work then I am off for a week. Getting things planned and doing some much needed work around the house.

I think that’s it for now. Back to some novel plotting. 🙂