A question or two ?

Tonight I’m talking about what happens when you find yourself facing a tiny break in concentration, or in pondering your next move in a novel or story.

What I find really strange for my world and universe is that with each character, and their parents or even their children… what I have is a universe so vast and so much alive that I can see and feel everything they’d have been or are going through.

After finishing the latest 3 part piece I was a little lost as to what to write about next. The ideas for book 3 still sitting there, but not sparking my creativity.

Then came a question, simply about one of my core characters. Mendoza, by Tim. It was just that a question, followed by another question. But, it was those what ifs that then sparked inside my mind and then became something else. Words which started to form a plot, and then a larger plot, what was part of the TV series and led into the future of the human race, and the Aonise is now something that could possibly be a huge part of this massive universe.

🙂 No matter how you think you’re doing, or how you think you’re not doing. Get someone to ask you a question, and see where that leads you. You just never know.

~ Dawn