For Jake…………………


I could not speak the day you passed away, but deep inside my heart I knew you couldn’t stay.

There was a calling for you, and for this I can’t be blue.

Yet here I sit thinking of the things we used to do.

You may have gone to a higher place, of which I know you will fill with grace.

You may have gone and left me here, alone and sad, but it really isn’t all that bad.


A better place is where you are, and you’re watching me from afar.

What we shared was magic, a love like nothing else, yet still tragic.

You will always be in my heart, forever to stay and never apart.


I will love you always, it will never falter.

But know even though you’re not with me it grows even stronger.

I just wish my time with you had been so much longer…


Dawn Lloyd 28th January 1993

(married name is Chapman)

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Midnight Cloud


A stormy night, not a cloud in sight,

no one knows where he shall appear.

a slender picture calledmidnightcloud.


A stallion as white as snow, and no one would ever know, he hides a secret

to a hidden world, of where one can follow.

A hurricane brews and he flees to safety, the journey he will make, but not yet

he doesn’t know who he will yet take.


Dawn Lloyd 1993


(married name is Chapman)



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