AudioBook Review – Betrayal

Really enjoyed this one, and am well into the next! A great book and as far as narration goes this book will make you think this is read by two very talented people, hope you pay her well Jeff 🙂

Betrayal: Girl from Above, Book 1 | [Pippa DaCosta]

“wow. enjoyed this a lot!”

I had no idea what this book would involve, I picked it up because I follow Jeff about and love his work. So wasn’t sure on this and never really read the premise, just saw there were two books and I love series.

When this started out of course Jeff does a fantastic job, but I really wasn’t expecting the story to grab my attention so much or for the characters to dig their heels in so deep.

This story will grab your attention and keep you on the edge of your seat from the off. Captain Sheppard is flawed in pain and so so good. His POV really hits home even if you want to hate him for the way he thinks, but the problem is you don’t!

This is a very well thought out novel, the characters bring it to life and Jeff of course does both Male POV and Female so much justice you’d actually think that number 1001 was a different actor. 🙂 he’s that good. lol

Don’t hesitate to pick this one up, I promise you’ll not be disappointed. And I’m already on with the next. I do hope there’s some more still after this one, and I’m defo going to check out more of this writers world, loved it.

AudioBook Review – Seabound

I have no idea why this review didn’t post originally, prob hit the review, then the preview, but didn’t actually send. So I went back to this and re visited some of the best moments.

Great book and really worth a listen!


Seabound: Seabound Chronicles, Book 1 | [Jordan Rivet]

“Unique twists and serious world building.”

I picked this one up a long time ago, and somehow my review didn’t post, so this is a revised review after taking another stab at it, as I also have book 2 now!

What I really enjoyed through this book and again in taking another listen was the world building. Of course we all expect in a post-apocalyptic world for there to be many events for the characters to get over, but this was written in such a way that these events were not just breathtaking but so very emotional.

16 years after the event that sends everyone to the seas this story digs down and brings us some events that will really tug at your thoughts. The Catalina and her crew/citizens are forced to act after their ship breaks down, but this causes a lot of grief and internal confusion in what to do, and in the people who might help.

I love the characters in here, of course Esther especially who is great with leading and being who she’s supposed to be. they’re all really interesting and fight for all the right reasons.

Ray’s tone and style really suits sea bound stories, (hence the Atomic Sea) and I really love the voices for each character that he choose, they bring the story and the people to life in so many ways. There were some interesting accent choices, and one that really made me laugh out loud, but in a good way. No spoilers, I’ve got book 2 to listen to this next week, as soon as I’ve caught up on some others, so many great books released this last week. I don’t know what to pick!


Joanna’s Journey – Review

After reading ‘The Secret Will Out’ by Karen J Mossman in print. I looked up and found she had several other books out, and this was the latest release.

Here’s my review of this lovely heartfelt book –

Amazon review – 
There are a couple of things I really enjoyed with Karen’s writing, from the detail of the worlds she’s created, (and the facts that around that, the story was built into a local city that I visited quite often) to the depth of the characters. Each novel, has had it’s own unique and outstandingly natural storyline. They’re almost so believable that you’d mistake her for your flawed best friend, who can be both amazing and yet stupid and frustrating all at the same time. I found her just so relatable, that of course I wanted the best for her in her love life, falling for two guys has to be the hardest thing to go through, not knowing if you’ll ever make the right decision or not.

A heartfelt journey that will make you laugh, cringe and cry with all it’s intricate character traits and plot turns. Karen is an excellent writer to follow. I’m so glad she’s almost a local lass 🙂

Blurb – 

Escaping a broken romance, Joanna runs headlong into another, and then another.

Managing two long distance relationships at the same time is complicated and made even more so when her best friend is a good looking guy who knows her better than most.

Set in the 1980s, Joanna and her sister, Sandie are two very beautiful women. After a cruel upbringing, both girls have their scars, but deal with things differently and as with most sisters, they clash.

When the unthinkable happens and Joanna’s world implodes, she finds herself alone to face what she can’t and won’t accept.

It is times like these you find out who your friends are and who you can trust, or more importantly, who you can’t.




Karen’s Bio

Karen J Mossman married the boy next door in 1980 and they had two children, both born on the same day, two years apart. She and her husband live on the Isle of Anglesey, a small island off the North Wales coast. Joanna’s Journey was her first published novel.


You can also find Karen on her Social Media Links here…. 

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AudioBook Review – The Great Martian War – Invasion

I picked this up and was totally hooked – am waiting on the next one now 🙂

The Great Martian War: Invasion | [Scott Washburn]

“Very interesting!”


There were a few things that I really enjoyed about this book, the original concept is well known, but I think this gave us a few more things to think on, and enjoy. 🙂

The ideas to fight the Martians were pretty cool, and the journey from ‘believing they’re coming back’ to them actually doing just that is exciting. The characters are well developed. Although the death of a loved one really can make you choose a different life path I was glad that the story evolved as it did.

I’ve listened to a few of Ray’s books now, and this was a very refreshing change to the other style of Sci fi, more realistic and enjoyable. (the Martians POV was just great, to listen to and to think on, would they really think of us so badly… I guess so. I also think this was truly a good performance because of that, lots of different characters for Ray to dialogue, and they were great to listen to and easy to distinguish.

Totally worth the credit, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you to both writer and narrator.

AudioBook Review – Arisen Series 7-10

Slow to post these, but THIS IS THE BEST series I’ve come across so far, like really, really.

RC Bray nails this, and I totally had to buy more of the books he narrated, introducing me to loads more great writers.

“A slower pace”


As far as this series goes, it’s pretty awesome. I’ve breezed through the books just wanting the next, and the next, this one did have a much slower pacing, with some flashbacks, and I think that was okay. It can’t all be so fast-paced, we as readers and listener do need a break.

Great work as usual to both writers and of course, the narrator, he’s been totally awesome throughout the whole series.

Book 8 –

“It’s back!”


This defo picks up the pace once more, nothing that the operators go through here is easy. And it’s action packed once again.

From the JFK fighting for its life against the Russian cruiser, to which the injured command lets the ship down in the biggest way, once again not believing what he’s told about the Russian’s and their own operators, thank goodness for Homer, what a guy. And some just totally on the edge scenes.

I really, also enjoyed the UK scenes in here, I think and believe this is exactly how London might fall in the ZA. It’s just so almost true you really can believe it, and of course, One Troop really do fight tooth and nail, almost as much as the operators.

Excellent listen and sped through these like a demon. 🙂 (where is the next books 11 and 12) haha

Book 8.5 –

“Excellent side story!”


I was a little unsure of this one because of how it sat in the series, but I was pleasantly surprised, it wasn’t a bad trip backwards at all.

This really set up and let me understand how and what happened at the start of the ZA and some of the reasons to why. I can totally see the next book getting really complicated and scary and all sides coming together for a big fight.

I was so excited to get to the end of this, and move forwards. Thank you for the huge amount of weekly entertainment this has totally made my start to love zombies. Not sure if that’s a good thing, as I started watching TWD as well. haha.

Fab job from all parties as well. 5 stars for this one.

Book 9 –


Cataclysm: Arisen, Book 9 | [Michael Stephen Fuchs]

“Such bad luck for them, sigh”


I really have had a blast with these, but there are some really hit and miss sections of just pure bad luck. These guys are so highly trained, yet they do make the really craziest mistakes. I can forgive it because they’re Zombie and fantasy books, with a whole lot of real life, character situations and days without sleep. But they’re still pretty daft mistakes, that I really do hope highly trained people wouldn’t make.

However, this is one of the most entertaining series I have had the pleasure of listening to, and the action and character development, even if sometimes things seem odd, is brilliantly done. Yes, I am now a big fan, and I don’t mind admitting it. I just went to look up the writers and narrator on facebook….

Thanks for being so awesome. (PS I saw book 11 is on the cards for audio, squee)

B00k 10 –

The Flood: Arisen, Book 10 | [Michael Stephen Fuchs]

“Fab, just don’t want it to end!”


With everything coming to a head, things are just so tense, all the time. These guys haven’t had a decent break, and I’m glad that at least there are somethings that keep on being the usual!

I was literally on the edge of my seat while driving and listening to this. There was such desperation, such heartfelt emotions and inner soul searching from everyone in this book. I don’t want it to go wrong, I love these characters, all of them, I’ve lived with them for the last few weeks, day in day out, 5 hours a day! I really want the next audiobooks, but I know they’re not done yet. I will have to wait and I think that will kill me. haha. Best audiobook hangover EVER. Thank you guys.

Book 0.5 –

“Great Intro listen to at anytime.”


As I said above, this is a great addition, and you can really listen to it at anytime. I got through all the 12 books and then had the worst hangover, so this was a nice addition to the series. The two Seals with the guys in here, are fab characters, both fought till their last breath, as said in the main series, but going through it with them is hard on the emotions.

Great job to both writer and narrator. Ray is now one of my fav’s and I’m already on another series he narrated 🙂