Sat – 22/2/14

So, this week was a kick start back into positive thinking. 

I started off taking part in a beta read for a new group I’m in on Scribophile. This was what helped me lots. I actually forced myself to concentrate this week on just the three projects. This for me is a ‘huge’ thing. As I am constantly over stretching myself. So yeah, I read the 100k book. I wrote over 10k in critique for it and we’re now discussing plot points and my thoughts in the group setting. 

My second project is that for The Pandoran Age Chronicles, this takes up lots of little bits of time, because I’m learning all about Ibook publishing. I’ve never attempted anything like this before. And Scrivener, is a tool which I’m finding excellent in helping out. It’s just so organised.

The tiny issues within in the book itself are all spacing. Trying to keep everything in uniform and perfect against the look of the book. I can’t fault the artwork or the idea behind Dante’s world. And I’m honoured to be part of this project. I am essentially learning as I am going along here. It’s all good though, and hopefully will look good when I get to release it for the team. 

My own project, I worked on through the week with EJ Runyon, and I’ve got some time later today to also edit. It’s been a really validating couple of weeks. I’m part of a group left over from nanowrimo which has managed to actually keep to a strict weekly meeting scenario and the guys there read a random chapter for crit last sat, to which I was humbled and happy for the comments to come back. (I annoy the heck out of copy editors though eeek) lesson learned, but the strong part is, the battle scene worked with minor things to add in. 

EJ’s session was also really good, every week working with her is great. I learn something all the time, and it’s really translating to my writing. This is wonderful to hear, because it isn’t just an investment of time and money, its for the future of the whole project/franchise. 



Weigh in results this week, also validated everything I’ve been striving for, with the ‘blip week’ on my monthlies out the way, this weeks weight loss was double. Muscle and Bone up, age back down, fat loss really down. I’m much happier in myself. From the start of this year and getting fitter, I’m now back to the weight I was before I broke my elbow and a stone off. Awesome. I just need to keep believing in the plan and let the people at the wellness centre do what is best for me. 

I will admit though that Dave the personal trainer there, put me through my paces this morning. Huge thanks 🙂 

Got to get back to it… 


Dawn x x 


Week and weekend over…


I can’t really believe how quick it went. Not just the weekend, but my first week back in work.

There isn’t much that has changed, bar the facts that some of my customers got lost along the way side. So I spent last week getting them back. With a little luck I’ll be back on track to targets, jee wiz. I can tell you, I don’t want that again. You work so hard for it, then it’s gone and it’s like you have to start from scratch almost all over again. Not good, at all.

Pic of hubby and my lil monster 🙂 Image

I’ve had two pretty big projects going on this last few weeks. One I started before work, and one I managed to spend the full day on today. It’s been good to get work coming my way. Tough it might be, but if I really want to get out there more this year. Dedication to other projects as well as my own is a must.

My project well it kinda stalled a bit. Oh dear…

Monday – Friday- back in work, and then the gym, getting home was a bit  late, spending time with the birds and sorting out myself for the following few days. It’s been hectic to say the least and might take a fair few hours off what I can do with my time. I will soon get into the routine at work and with the home stuff. So although it’s hard at the moment, it won’t always be hard. TSK is still moving forward just a little bit slower for a while, with a few deadlines on the cards.

I’ve had some fab results though in the three weeks I’ve been aiming to get fitter and healthier. I won’t talk numbers, really as they’re hard for me to deal with, but needless to say, I’m well on my way to a fitter lifestyle. The drinking water is hard, specially now I am back in work, but I’m trying my very best to keep things moving.

My latest challenge, is to eat enough protein to help get my body working right, so that the weight can come off properly and help to build muscle so that I can work out and feel better.

It’s amazing the diff just a few weeks makes, my energy levels are higher, I want to do things. Although it’s been a tough week going back to work. I have found that it also wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

My energy levels were crap, before I even broke my elbow and I’m just putting that down to the crap diet and no real exercise.

So feeling positive and looking forward to another good week.

Hope you’re all doing great.



Hey everyone,

Last week is almost over. I’ve done so much and worked really hard with everything. But sadly the holiday must end and back to work it is.

We’ve been busy this morning, making sure all the house is clean, and that the birds and ponds are off to a good start. Everyone is A okay. 🙂 so looking forward to getting back into a solid work and play routine.

For everyone who loves pictures, here’s my fav of Bobby. 🙂


The last four months with breaking my elbow have been so tough. Emotionally and physically, but I am back in there, almost 90% better. I think it might still take a while for my arm to be totally up to what it used to, as my dominate hand, it really just isn’t dominant anymore.

I had my first real training session at Burscough Wellness centre yesterday, met a great trainer called Dave, who ran through all the machines for me, first time ever on a treadmill… EEEK! but the other resistant and weights were good. I can really tell where my arm is lacking, so some exercises I will have to do more than others. I only managed 20 mins of cardio. But for a first attempt I don’t think that was too bad. I will continue with my walking that is 30 mins, but obviously not all on the same days, that would be too much.

Actually had a really good chat about everything with the owner of the club. We had way more in common than I knew, the lady we met on Wed, is her sister, and they used to own the static butty van on the corner by Hopwells, lol. So we kinda knew each other anyway, it was good to chat. 🙂

I do have a very busy week ahead, so everyone who normally gets lots of attention off me, might not this week. I’ve a couple of very important projects, bar my own which require my undivided attention to help get them done and dusted and off the ground. It may be a tough one, it may hurt, (painkillers in my bag already) but I will get through it.

You’ve all been amazing while Iv’e been off, and for those of you who have really been there for me thank you. Everyone else, well they know where they can go take a running jump from. The saying is you when the crapper hits the fan, you know who your friends are, really true. So, this year means not only a new change on many fronts, health wise, contact wise, and person wise. It means a big change on my front too, no longer will I let others walk all over me, I am here to fight…

Now, got two jobs left to do, take a load of pictures. And then onto some editing. I’ve homework to get done for EJ, before I head into the busiest week ever.

Catch you laters. 🙂

Dawn x

Wishing everyone all the best for 2014 :)

This won’t be a long one, as I am still pretty much under the weather. Like everyone else we all reflect on the things that happen and the things we’ve been through. 

In 2013, I met some of the best people ever. You all know who you are. And for me the most wonderful Coach/editor, in EJ Runyon. Who has helped me attain one of my best writing achievements, TSK is almost half way there. The process seems to some to be long. But I’m primarily a scriptwriter working really hard on my debut novel. It’s goals are high, because of the TV series already penned and in time I know I will see those goals come to fruition. Through the support of these people, I am 100% sure next year will be awesome. 

One of the hardest thing I did was break my arm. It itself had a lot of setbacks. Mostly financially, but emotionally too. I’m on the mend and looking forward to heading back to work after this long hiatus. What it did teach me once again is that there are some friends out there who really matter. And again others who are by the by. It is life, and we learn by the things throw our way. 


I am very thankful for the people who have been there for me. My husband the most 🙂 


So, all the best to 2014 and may it bring us all what we wish for.



Sunday and stuff :)

Been a very down and busy week. Felt rough for most of it. Winter and nano blues. But, also had a few things to keep my mind occupied. 

Chat room on mibbit is still really active. If anyone suffering from nano blues want’s to join in. Send me a message and I’ll show you how. It’s been inspirational there, and the people are fab. From all over. 

We also had a couple of new arrivals last weekend, two Amazon parrots, who needed an urgent safe house. It’s nice to have them here and they’re settling in well. One is very friendly to me, the other isn’t, but like hubby. So it’s a good match. 


Bobby got his first telling off from our old cat. He bit her, so she touched the top of his head with the back of her paw. Not so good. He’s not been near her like that again though, so job done for now. 


Regarding physio and other things. I went on Monday and she knew I wasn’t right from the way I was walking, so we talked. She looked over my elbow etc and seemed to think it was ‘golfers elbow’ similar to Tennis elbow, but with the inside and not outside tendons, etc. 

She told me to rest, take a step back on the exercise told her I’d not been able to do much anyway, and she’ll see me in 3 weeks. Sucks, but I knew something was going on with it. Will be seeing my doc again on monday to go over it all and see what they can suggest. No good if one thing has a knock on effect to others. nice. 

Fish are all cold, settled in well for winter, blanket weed growing, so had to treat yesterday. But will be alright, just need to get them over the worst of the next few months, mild here at the moment. 


Well, hope to get on with book one more so now. Edit, edit 🙂 


Speak soon. x