Healthy-Happier me!


For some that follow my blog, trigger warning needed so please don’t read – weight mentions. But, I am in happy place, not an ED related place.

It was great to go out yesterday and was positive in its results. So for some things to move forward I am keeping my fingers crossed.

What was really interesting was I bumped into a customer of mine from a few years ago, and although she thought she recognised me, it wasn’t till I spoke about my job that she went. ‘I thought that was you’ and then added ‘Haven’t you lost weight’

Totally one of the best things you can here when you’ve had some tough times over the holidays.

So yeah, in 2015 I reached my target of 83kg. I kept it off for almost 12 months, but sadly last year was really difficult and I rose back to 91kg.

So yes, I do have a new goal to reach (75kg)  it will take me back to where I am comfortable, not what I left Cheadle Royal at, which was over my usual weight. So I’m taking it easy, back on Lipotrim, with the support of my family and friends. and taking it one day at a time. 🙂

I am on day 7 already and feeling so much better. The initial detox (especially after all the booze in the hols) was hard, I had a headache all week, but it’s gone now, and today I feel amazing.

For everyone who has a goal this year, be it a new year’s resolution or just something you want to do. I wish you all the luck in the world. I will update as and when I can, and fingers crossed my new goal isn’t too far off… hehe

~ Dawn

been so quiet.

I can’t believe it’s been near a month since I posted. The time goes so, so fast. I’ve been so busy with the beta reads, which I do seriously want to post about. What I learned, what I’m moving forward with, but I’m too snowed under with everything else in life to pause. 

It is not a bad thing. 

I reached my first goal with my weight loss. 🙂 So I need to keep focussed on that, eat well and exercise. 

I’ve had some sick fish to look after, a pond with some water issues. And a head full of characters screaming at me to carry on with their story. 

Life of a writer huh! 


Brilliant. 🙂 

Sat – 22/2/14

So, this week was a kick start back into positive thinking. 

I started off taking part in a beta read for a new group I’m in on Scribophile. This was what helped me lots. I actually forced myself to concentrate this week on just the three projects. This for me is a ‘huge’ thing. As I am constantly over stretching myself. So yeah, I read the 100k book. I wrote over 10k in critique for it and we’re now discussing plot points and my thoughts in the group setting. 

My second project is that for The Pandoran Age Chronicles, this takes up lots of little bits of time, because I’m learning all about Ibook publishing. I’ve never attempted anything like this before. And Scrivener, is a tool which I’m finding excellent in helping out. It’s just so organised.

The tiny issues within in the book itself are all spacing. Trying to keep everything in uniform and perfect against the look of the book. I can’t fault the artwork or the idea behind Dante’s world. And I’m honoured to be part of this project. I am essentially learning as I am going along here. It’s all good though, and hopefully will look good when I get to release it for the team. 

My own project, I worked on through the week with EJ Runyon, and I’ve got some time later today to also edit. It’s been a really validating couple of weeks. I’m part of a group left over from nanowrimo which has managed to actually keep to a strict weekly meeting scenario and the guys there read a random chapter for crit last sat, to which I was humbled and happy for the comments to come back. (I annoy the heck out of copy editors though eeek) lesson learned, but the strong part is, the battle scene worked with minor things to add in. 

EJ’s session was also really good, every week working with her is great. I learn something all the time, and it’s really translating to my writing. This is wonderful to hear, because it isn’t just an investment of time and money, its for the future of the whole project/franchise. 



Weigh in results this week, also validated everything I’ve been striving for, with the ‘blip week’ on my monthlies out the way, this weeks weight loss was double. Muscle and Bone up, age back down, fat loss really down. I’m much happier in myself. From the start of this year and getting fitter, I’m now back to the weight I was before I broke my elbow and a stone off. Awesome. I just need to keep believing in the plan and let the people at the wellness centre do what is best for me. 

I will admit though that Dave the personal trainer there, put me through my paces this morning. Huge thanks 🙂 

Got to get back to it… 


Dawn x x