Board pretty quiet today.

Tried sending message before but had no luck.

No after this morning am even madder.

Let me tell you first after Paul laid those bricks for my next door neighbour she tried to pay him he said £10 but she gave him £20.

Then as soon as we woke up this morning she came rushing over saying how everyone was laughing at her cause they weren’t straight. (The flags he laid them next to weren’t) and asked him to do it again. He was going to but then the guy who had got her to moan was there and he was saying Paul should have done it this way and then that way, in the end Paul got so mad he walked away. Now he says that guy John can do them if he’s such an expert.

He was so annoyed and so was I, if it wasn’t for the fact she had paid him for the job there wouldn’t have even been an issue, she wanted them like he had done ours and the other guy got her to change her mind.

After last weekend with all her ranting on just because I was tired I told Paul not to take any more money off her but he still did. I feel like she’s buying us. And I am so upset.

Now to this recent issue that has me absolutely FUMING.

And that can’t be repeated…. oops.

Take care everyone

Love Dawn


Hi Sorry for getting cut off short last night I had intended to come back on, but my hubby sent me next door, to get a heat pad to put on my neck and when I was gone he put the computer away and cut me off.

Oh well, I hope to chat to you all again soon, will be on tonight for a bit, but will have to give hubby some time as well, he feeling a little neglected. Ahh

Anyway just wanted to thank you for being there last night, was great to have a bit of a moan.

Hope next time that we can talk a little more about each of you, as I do care how each and everyone is coping. And you need to talk as well.

Will try and see the doc again, but won’t hold any hope for it, I think the only place for me to go round here is where I have been and I don’t want that again. I was saying last night that I had been seeing my counsellor on and off again in 2002, after I hit that bad spell, she wanted me to join a group meeting and I said I would try but getting time off work was going to be hard. From 1998 for nearly a year I was having Tuesdays and Thursdays off and I couldn’t do that again, so I rang her and said I couldn’t go, she said she’d arrange another counselling session for me but I never got the appointment through, even though I rang and left messages for her she never got back to me. That’s why I feel a bit let down, like she thought I didn’t need the help.

Any way speak to you all soon.

Take care, and thanks again.



Hi everyone,

I just want to say how happy I am that I have found so many friends on here, and I just wanted to make a point to you all.

I have had lots of experience with counsellors etc, and I know that I have made a few suggestions to people as in how to help themselves, but there are a few others who say the opposite to me, I just wanted to remind everyone that we are all different and what can help one person may not help another. What helped me may not help any of you, but I can only tell you what has helped me, and what hasn’t.

I hope my advice to you guys up to now hasn’t all been bad, and if I have helped in anyway then I am happy.

And I hope I haven’t offended anyone.

Please take care everyone.

Hugs Dawn….


Hi guys,

Been a really bad week. Hubby lost his job on wed, and I had to find out by a phone conversation when I got home.

Why are things so crap.

I was doing really well till then.

My massage therapist keeps telling me Im losing weight, and although I don’t want to I do. I am so mixed up.

I tried eating a little more yesterday and ended up being sick twice, and then when I got home, hubby may have a new job, and then maybe not. Things are just so out of place. I managed to eat a bit more today, and have kept it inside. I feel so drained from not sleeping and fed up with everything. I need some help please…..

Take care everyone….

Love and hugs all



Bad time’s follow us all now and then, had a bad week myself and an even worse weekend, but never mind, gotta keep on fighting. I know food is a nightmare but we really do have to face it.

I have a friend of mine in work who is an alcoholic and been fighting it for years, he went to see a hypnotherapies last week and hasn’t touched a drop since. This woman is supposed to be brilliant, and has practices all over the country, I wondered if it would work with someone like me, an ed is much like alcoholism, I’m going to leave it a few weeks and see how my friend copes, he has a wedding to attend and a few other important do’s with alcohol around, if he can cope with them then maybe I can cope with food everyday.

I don’t know yet.

Your parents are only concerned for you, you can’t forget that and when they see you restricting your food and exercising everyday it’s bound to make them worry. If you do carry on to exercise every day try and eat a little more.

I know it’s very hard but we both must try.

I remember what it was like when I exercised for hours on end without hardly any food and I used to start blacking out. That’s not good.

But if you eat and exercise it burns 15% of that food straight away, so that is good.

Please take care and I’ll talk to you soon.

Love Dawn…