Hi Sorry for getting cut off short last night I had intended to come back on, but my hubby sent me next door, to get a heat pad to put on my neck and when I was gone he put the computer away and cut me off.

Oh well, I hope to chat to you all again soon, will be on tonight for a bit, but will have to give hubby some time as well, he feeling a little neglected. Ahh

Anyway just wanted to thank you for being there last night, was great to have a bit of a moan.

Hope next time that we can talk a little more about each of you, as I do care how each and everyone is coping. And you need to talk as well.

Will try and see the doc again, but won’t hold any hope for it, I think the only place for me to go round here is where I have been and I don’t want that again. I was saying last night that I had been seeing my counsellor on and off again in 2002, after I hit that bad spell, she wanted me to join a group meeting and I said I would try but getting time off work was going to be hard. From 1998 for nearly a year I was having Tuesdays and Thursdays off and I couldn’t do that again, so I rang her and said I couldn’t go, she said she’d arrange another counselling session for me but I never got the appointment through, even though I rang and left messages for her she never got back to me. That’s why I feel a bit let down, like she thought I didn’t need the help.

Any way speak to you all soon.

Take care, and thanks again.


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