Last day of nano :(

So yeah, the month of november is almost over. And I’m sad for lots of reasons.

It’s not just the fact it’s nano gone. Which is of course, sad. So very sad, it always is.

But, 7 years today I lost the best friend I had, my nan. I’ve really tried to not focus on it too much, but I woke in the middle of the night, in her house in the room she lost her fight in, and well couldn’t sleep.

The fact I was able to sneak into our living room, (hear Bobby move about as he re-settled) and put the laptop on was a good thing.

Nano brings lots of things, people in the chat room. New friends, who I can be very thankful for. (of course the ones, I managed to stick to all year, like Kayla and Stephen.

But I need to say a special, ‘Thanks’ even though they don’t know it to Hannah (ora) and to Jones726 because with their distraction I was okay. And today has been okay. I got stuff edited, I did many things I wanted to but didn’t feel I could. So thanks guys… you’ve been amazing.

Much love, and hugs.


My scrivener for Windows give-away :)

So, I am and always have been a generous kinda gal.

When black Friday’s offer for Scrivener at $20 came up from AppSumo I bought a couple of copies for some friends. (from nano chat) and I posted about it on facebook and was credited with another $20.

So I bought another copy, and I’m going to donate it to a needy but hard working person.

Yes, I’m going to make you work for it. hahah

My new facebook page is doing great. But I’d love a boost! And hope I don’t get in trouble for this!

Here’s the link!

I am going to give it till say… my birthday, the 13th December and for any one of you on my reader list or friends list. Who gets me ‘the most’ new likes. And gives me a list of names…. msg’d here or on facebook will be the winner!

If you want that program, didn’t win nano and don’t have the extra cash because of Xmas, then help me out.

I know you want too. 🙂

Weekend plans. :)

Up early as usual. I’m excited to be looking over and selecting a short list for our conlang job. If there is anyone watching my blog and wants to still get in there, better email soon! There really are some amazing and gifted people out there.

It is still dark out at the moment, cold, and I’m sat in the dark because of Bobby still being asleep, in my pj’s and on my heat pad. If I put the heating on, I get told off for cooking my husband in bed. So funny.

I’ve seriously got to stop procrastinating as well. I’ve still 10 chapters to edit on TSK book 2, which is in for beta read soon! cracks knuckles and prepares to

go back to bed. lol…. just kidding.

Here’s to a productive day for us all. 🙂

Conlang Experience

In retrospect to my Science fiction project. TSK. My animator and TV co-writer decided that we wanted a specific language for our world.

There are many places you can advertise, but we went straight to one of the best sites on the internet.

and I conversed with their Vice President to get my job advert perfect. It did take a little longer than expected, but good things aren’t worth rushing.

Our Advert for TSK went live these last 2 days.

It’s been an interesting experience, because I’ve never really had to go through, reading and absorbing Job Application. I guess the joy of being the one in charge, even with the other guys on board is that these are the kind of decisions I will have to make.

One thing I noticed and was impressed more about the applicant’s than there actual qualifications, which some are so impressive it’s unreal. Is that the personal touch also makes you think and feel more in regards to that person applying for the job. They did their homework, they looked up and noted who I was, where my internet presence lay. And made it known. This was good. Duly noted for any jobs I may apply for myself. 🙂

My weekend now will be talking through things with my partners, looking over the applicants, and making a decision on who we would like to hire.

I am very excited about this. It takes my world to a whole different level which I think is awesome.

Exciting week!

Well this week has had it’s ups and downs, that is for sure.

the secret king -banner-2

The good news – we decided it was the best time to launch our facebook fan page and start posting some of the animation character designs, for the TSK series. Please check out the art work and let us know what you think 🙂

In other news had to take my cat, Spooky to the vets, she has a face tumour, and while unsightly at least isn’t causing any pain.

Bobby went to see the Avian Vet, and although overweight. He’s a very healthy boy. (Now on a diet) and I’ll be monitoring his weight a lot more.

Watching me type as usual :)

Watching me type as usual 🙂