My scrivener for Windows give-away :)

So, I am and always have been a generous kinda gal.

When black Friday’s offer for Scrivener at $20 came up from AppSumo I bought a couple of copies for some friends. (from nano chat) and I posted about it on facebook and was credited with another $20.

So I bought another copy, and I’m going to donate it to a needy but hard working person.

Yes, I’m going to make you work for it. hahah

My new facebook page is doing great. But I’d love a boost! And hope I don’t get in trouble for this!

Here’s the link!

I am going to give it till say… my birthday, the 13th December and for any one of you on my reader list or friends list. Who gets me ‘the most’ new likes. And gives me a list of names…. msg’d here or on facebook will be the winner!

If you want that program, didn’t win nano and don’t have the extra cash because of Xmas, then help me out.

I know you want too. 🙂