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It has been a busy week and I’m posting this side of today first. I did blog about my personal life earlier, but I’m scheduling that post for later.

The title really says it all, and as director of TSK Productions,  I’ve been looking for the right people to bring onboard for us since the beginning of January. They say good things come to those who wait and it’s so true. At first I was a little over excited about the possibilities of hearing TSK read by someone else. Then the task of finding that voice overwhelmed me.

The world of Audio Book is so different I hadn’t expected any of the process.

So for those who don’t know anything this was my journey to now. My friends pointed me at first in the direction of ACX. This is part of Audible and Authors (Rights Holders) can post their projects for potential Narrators to Audition for.

Here’s where I got a little lost. ACX ask you to fill in your profile and ‘sell’ yourself. I’m not very good at that but I tried my best, then they suggest you try and find a voice you like. I tried that and found someone, send them an offer and it lapsed without even a reply. I guess that is the nature of hunting for any partnership.

I didn’t seem to be getting anywhere and one of my friends pointed me to a facebook group. Which I joined and have been so happy with, I’ve learned much more about not only the process of ACX but also more about Narrators and how the system works. How they essentially do their job.

On ACX you can post your work with two options-

1 – A royalty share deal where the author and narrator split the profits.

2 – A PFH rate system which can range from anything like $100 – 400 an hour.

Now we RH’s don’t know how long it take for one person to get to that ‘finished hour, and the confusion seems pretty wide spread from chatter in the facebook group and amongst some of my Author friends.

The fact is it can take 10 hours to make 1 finished Audio Hour and although some narrators do all the work themselves, the fact is getting a producer to do the work frees time and means two ears are on the project not just the narrator and RH. A better win. But, narrators can’t pay for a producer out their own pocket, no matter how much they love a novel. Money doesn’t grow on trees, and so a lot of narrators try and negotiate for a Hybrid deal. Which ACX at the moment doesn’t have as an option for.

I was very lucky to start talking to a wonderful guy, Steven about the whole process, and we talked about what I needed for TSK and of course budget etc. I’m a big believer in paying people but I’ve personally only got so much cash coming in. And it’s taken me time to get that together with my savings. TSK’s been growing in a huge rate this last few months, in design and in everything we as a team do. I’ve backed everyone as I know I should and I will continue to do so.

Sorting out payments in advance for things like editing on book 2 trying to get ahead of the game and not worry about suddenly having to find a huge wad of money when I need the job done. I try and have a business head on, at all times, but yes of course I get excited and spend stuff I shouldn’t. lol

This last two weeks we’ve had Steve find and start negotiating with two very talented narrators. Of which I’m totally excited to say have now joined with us as Team TSK’s voice.

More than excited to welcome Greg Tremblay, who is taking on Book 1 and our short snippets. 🙂

His Audio books can be found at if you want to listen to his amazing voice –


Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/GTremblayVoice/posts/1224970447520737?fref=nf&pnref=story

and Holly Adams –

Audible link for her sweet voice is – http://www.audible.co.uk/search/ref=a_search_tseft?advsearchKeywords=Holly+Adama&filterby=field-keywords&x=0&y=0

and her facebook fan page



I know this project has a lot coming up.  We could keep these guys nice and busy for a bit, with book 2 set for release (sept, I’m hoping) our short snippets live each month and three of our writers working on other stories and novels set in the TSK world, we’ve lots to do in the next year or so.

Greg and Holly were both honest with me, and that little bit of ‘RH and Narrators’ don’t mix kinda thing I found wasn’t true. Greg told me that he found the language side of things exciting and daunting at the same time. I contacted Trent and they had a chat, which really helped, and I’ve since heard Greg’s proof for the story,  and so has Trent. Greg’s fantastic and Lacria sounds just fabulous.

I can’t wait for you guys to hear these two amazing voices, TSK will be brought to life on a whole different level. Which has left me totally awestruck this week.

Nothing else to do but, squeeeee.

🙂 talk later.

Bit of a mixed week.

Hey everyone. It’s been a cracking week for me. I’ve been snowed under at work, which has been very hard but I’ve loved it. 🙂 And, I’m happy to say that, we’re down to the last 140 pages of our edits on TSK.

Speaking of which, because I had such a weird start to the week I treated myself and contacted, Jakob Burgos over on http://www.talentville.com

Here’s the new banner, designed to attract people to my story/script 🙂 Enjoy….Image

Logline for the TV series

For many years since their arrival on Earth, the Aonise have forged a tense peace treaty with humanity, living in the ghettos of their city as rival clans. Yet when a terrorist’s virus designed to eliminate them spreads to humans instead, Taliri, the son of the last Aonise king, is forced out of hiding to end the crisis. He must now unite his fractured people and try to prevent an all-out war.

Almost 10,000 views.

Come on people, make my new year a fab one, and I might even do something really nice for the 10,000 viewer. Let me know who you are in the post below and I’ll see what creative delight I can sort for you. 

Writing has gone very well today, I’m so pleased with things at present. This will be the best year ever. I know it. 


New book by my editor/coach

Hey guys/gals, I really have been waiting for this book, and here it is. Please check it out. 

It’s by EJ Runyon who I’ve been working with these last few months on TSK – The Beginning and I love how she gets the best out of you. I’ve been reading it this afternoon and am very impressed. She gives really good advice to writers new and old who want to pick up or just boost their craft. 


You can find it via the USA site too, type in Tell me a story, by EJ Runyon. 

Also her websites at http://bridgetostory.com

Or her blog at http://ejrunyon.wordpress.com

Well worth a look guys. And if you pick up a copy for your kindle, please let me know :)