Just letting you know, treatments been completed as advised First dose went in on Tuesday, second today. So with a bit of luck the blighters will have gone. :)

Pond temp is steady 10 degrees.

Had some bad news though, as the bunker flooded the uv has blown totally. We also have a crack in the QT pond. Bummer, needs fiberglassing over it. So top priority to get these jobs done in the next month. Going to have to move the UV we thing outside the bunker so it won’t happen again. Not a good idea to have lecky so close to water…. Doesnt mix.

Will let you know progress though. Fish still looking great.

Speak soon.


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:) strange day!

So, news so far.

After going snorkelling for the first time, we finally got to go scuba diving again. Paul needed another chance to see how he coped being under the water. I must admit I still loved it. 🙂 Actually swam more and also did a roly poly in the water… I then got out and jumped in with all the gear on, must say though that the tank hit the back of my head ouch 😦

Anyway, after a pretty eventful week I think things are going well. Not so much on the job front. My sandwich round has been suffering since Christmas, seems most people are skint or cutting back. Can’t say I blame them really, times are tough at the moment. So for next week in the world of work, I’m unsure what will happen, they want me to change some things around and find some new customers, but I don’t feel comfortable doing it to that extent. I’m taking less than everyone else is at the moment, what the heck will it be like if I move things about? I just don’t know and it saddens me. I love the job, being on the road and serving people, but the way it is at present isn’t working and we need to get it working.

On the writing side, I haven’t had much chance to do a lot. Going out three nights a week to exercise and stuff isn’t doing that much good. My waist line is shrinking, but so is my word count. I need to pull my finger out and finish something for a friend of mine. I’ve managed to write the intro article to his Science Fiction Freedom E’zine. I like doing that, but he wants to publish a short of mine, I just need to finish it. Sometimes it can be hard work.

Regarding the ‘weight’ issue. I sort of had a hard day with it today. Met a bloke on one of my stops whose friend was pretty concerned about him. He walked past the van, but his mate told me that this guy was over 16 stone, stopped eating and now is only 11 stone. All he has all day is one tea spoon of sugar! I mean come on, I ain’t stupid. Anorexia affects men as well as women and it just creeps up on you all of a sudden… You cut back on one thing and then a bit more… the next thing you ain’t eating at all and are thriving on the pain starvation causes. I just hope that by me admitting that I had so many problems to his friend that maybe the guy might actually say something to me. I think he could really need help.

As for me, yes it dragged up a lot of older issues, but I’m doing okay. I keep fighting the urges ‘not to eat’ and I keep on doing it. Actually had a few treats today. Fresh orange juice and a sandwich for lunch and then cheese on toast and hot milk when I got home. It is fish and chips tonight, yum…. See I can do loads of exercise and still manage to maintain my food plan…. 🙂 I am a good girl aren’t I?

At a friends 80th party last weekend another friend of mine asked how her cross stitch of her dog was doing. I had to tell her the truth, I’d had it two years. Got most of it done and then I spilled red wine over it. So this weekend I started over and I am pleased to say after around 30 hours on it so far, it is almost complete once more. 🙂 I just need to stay away from the wine. Maybe she will finally pay me for all the other tiny things I’ve done for her as well. I can hope.  Then I can go back to my dragons and unicorns… I love doing those.

Chat again soon.
Dawn x x


Gill flukes!

Hey everyone,

So having my fish checked out now the weather is warming up a bit, I had my pond expert out. On first glance he said all the fish looked really healthy and active.

We caught my big chagoi, hardy any mucous on him, took a couple of scrapes to get enough to scan, he didn’t find anything on him :)

Second fish, caught my ten year old Ogon, nice male who was attempting to breed last year, and we found one gill fluke. Just one. But it was enough to get my hackle up.

I know some fish have parasites on them anyway, :( but suppose at least it is best I know. He didn’t advise me to panic and treat right away. Just to keep an eye on them and see how the next few weeks go. I just hope that it doesn’t go mental.

We’ve booked to go away this year and the last thing I need is to be panicking before we do go.

So, will keep you informed as usual and fingers crossed for my fish.


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