Well, I never expected it really.

But one of my females is spawning !!!!

What an experience this morning has been.

Yesterday everything was fine, this morning I got up to see my normally white koi (Approx 9yrs old) BRIGHT RED, I mean like over night, a whole layer of her skin was missing!!! rubbed raw I thought.

I tested the water, and one test kit showed Nitrite level to be pretty high. I freaked out… Thought I had killed her for sure. Then while I was using another test kit, which showed NO nitrite I saw that two of our other fish were chasing her, and I mean really nasty. I thought they were eating her so I scooped her out immediately and placed her in our QT tank. Rang my local Koi shop, (which is awesome by the way) and headed down there to see if my tests were correct. BangH

Nothing wrong at all with the water, they reckon she is spawning 3some due to the change in weather last night, so now I’ve been advised to drop some ropes in catch that nasty little male fish, and hopefully she’ll have her eggs. (Blighter is evading me at present, but hubby will probably catch him later)

I just am so so worried over her, bless she looks awfully stressed out.

So ANY advise here would be great :)

Hope everyone else is doing good.


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