Little chagoi has come out this morning. I couldn’t see him last night because of the added stuff in the pond. So I caught him by pure luck this morning.
The face fuzz has gone, but he def had a couple of red marks, which while he was caught I treated with Koi cream. He also got a bath for ten minutes in some Anti biotic stuff. Which I think will also do him some good. Its the same stuff I used on him in the winter when he had bad rubs so at least he will be used to the smell and taste of it in his water. Poor little chap. I gave him a good looking over, and nothing else seems to be amiss.

Nitrite is down again, oly just touching on pink, below .25 now, so I am happy. I think I am almost there. Ph is 7 still which is a concern for me, as it normally reads 8. I will just have to try and keep the buffer going in and the other stuff, just to make sure it doesn’t swing. I would like to keep it at 7 if I could.

Message you later. :)


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so I am having to catch my Chagoi tonight. Paul will have to help me. The white fuz has gone, but he def has a couple of red marks which to me look like little holes. I am going to take a few pics for you don’t worry. I am going to bath him in an antibiotic soloution that I have and put some Koi cream on. Depending of course on what I find. If they are holes then I will have to treat properly and seal them up. I have the right stuff. I think.

Anyway. Ph this morning was 8, it is now 7. I can’t get it to stabalise with all the water changes and with my kh being 4. It’s just not working. I think this ph swing will cause them more trouble than anything else. grrrrrr

Nitrite is a slight pink, I don’t quite think its gone yet as can be hard to tell with nt labs kits.

Has anyone used kusuri biopure before. If so, can I add another dose to the pond today to try and help the kh?

Just wondering.



okay okay….

I know what to do, and I am doing the best I can. I put in the super c today. And I will replace the net with the oyster shells in and pop that in somewhere soon. I haven’t put any other chemicals in the pond other than the pp, and I am fighting to get the water back under control.

It hasn’t been an easy road financially. For every time I changed the water I had to add £30 worth of kh up to even get the reading to raise 2. I now have nothing left. My boss hasn’t even paid me properly for the holidays I took, so i am out. I can’t do anything else financially. It has me beat. I have enough stuff to put in the pond for another week. I am just hoping that it will be all sorted by next friday as I have nothing left to put in.

Will keep you posted.



Nitrite down to .25 almost there.

Everyone is swimming normally and haven’t seen anyone flick (fingers crossed) I am at home more over the next few days so I can watch them more.

Hope everyone else is doing okay?

Will keep you posted.


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Ok guys,

The big girl died last night, found her this morning. I am ringing the pro up to see if he can come out today. I need to know what is going on in there.

I will take some pics, but she isn’t pretty.

Her belly isn’t as red as it was, maybe it was all just too much for her. Please pray for my other fishies.


I have done another %50 water change today, but nothing is really getting this nitrite down. It said it was back up to 1.0 today, so frustrated. I got my mum to nip out and get me some kusuri bio ? to deal with the low Kh in my water, so hopefully the ph will stay stable.As for Moby, I am thinking it was perhaps dropsy, as she was all swelled up. I guess I will never know. They can’t tell a lot from a dead fish apparently. I just wish the expert would come out soon, I know he is up to his eyeballs in work. But I just feel so blooming useless. Like everything I do is not working.

I had the worst day in work today because no one else seems to be doing their job while our manager is away. The place is filthy and I am the one being moaned at by customers, I never got paid properly last week so I am skint, and I have a feeling they will do the same tomorrow. We have a meeting with the main boss at 11 and if my wages aren’t in they if he doesn’t pay me cash, I WONT be working on saturday simple as. I have another job to go to, and will make do with that. I just don’t need the hassle any more. Everyone else just takes the piss and everything is left up to me, well its not on. When the manager comes back off his holiday he will be getting told. I am not working on the first till because no one else will clean up…. so I will do as I was hired for the second till and sod them.

Sorry for the rant. Just had enough !!!

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:



so my test kits say that the water is…

….. .Pond water
Amonia 0
Nitrite 1.0
Kh 5
PH 8
Nitrate 20

Tap Water
Amonia 0
Nitrite 0
Kh 4
GH 10
Ph 7
Nitrate 5

I bought kh up and added it to the pond so hopefully it will stabilize… My pond guy is hopefully going to come out before the weekend to take a look at the fish, will keep you informed thanks everyone.



So no other way of testing for ammonia until friday now, my nitrite has gone down to 0.5 though. Although still seen one fish flick tonight. Ph is at 7.5 which it has never been before, always 7 or a 8, so that is better with the ph buffer. I will get some more of that also on friday. I am in work 10 – 6 tomorrow, and no where will be open. I will do another water change regardless in the morning, or at least as much as I can. Then again tomorrow night, with no food. I just hope my sturgeon will survive, as they must be starving by now, and I know they don’t fair well without food.

Pond is almost full now, so will be turning tap off for tonight.

Will message you as soon as anything changes.




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