Little chagoi has come out this morning. I couldn’t see him last night because of the added stuff in the pond. So I caught him by pure luck this morning.
The face fuzz has gone, but he def had a couple of red marks, which while he was caught I treated with Koi cream. He also got a bath for ten minutes in some Anti biotic stuff. Which I think will also do him some good. Its the same stuff I used on him in the winter when he had bad rubs so at least he will be used to the smell and taste of it in his water. Poor little chap. I gave him a good looking over, and nothing else seems to be amiss.

Nitrite is down again, oly just touching on pink, below .25 now, so I am happy. I think I am almost there. Ph is 7 still which is a concern for me, as it normally reads 8. I will just have to try and keep the buffer going in and the other stuff, just to make sure it doesn’t swing. I would like to keep it at 7 if I could.

Message you later. :)


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