Even with two airstones, the waterfall and an extra pipe. I just think Moby isn’t happy.

I bought a pond vac today, an oase pondovac. It is good fills the chamber up and then empties, although I will need a longer pipe so not to flood around the pond and into the garden instead. I spent about two hours cleaning it today, getting rid of a lot of black crap off the bottom.

I will do the same again tomorrow and then retreat probably on sunday with formaldehyde. I don’t think the pp has touched the tric at all. Have since seen four fish flick and Moby did too this morning. She has a lot of fight in her still she has been swimming around a lot lot more today, which could be because I have been cleaning or she feels a tad better. I am hoping she feels a tad better. Once treated with the formaldehyde I will get a scrape done to make sure the blighter has gone, and then I can start to rebuild the pond eco system back up.

I haven’t salted because if I do it would take me too long to get out before I could use another chemical.

Will keep you all up to date. I am exhausted, sore and emotionally beat.