All but the sick one ate this morning, I think she still isn’t happy. Also I think my hawaki (sorry for the spelling) has some fin rot! Will take a closer look later when I get home. Poor things have really been through the mill this week.


I tested water when I got home and nitrite is high so am doing a %50 drop and filling with fresh water, also going to add some bacteria regardless to the filter to help it along. Will have to wait and see what the results are. I am sure my little chagoi has fluff all over his face too, so there is a bacterial infection going on there somewhere. I def need to clear that up any ideas whats the best thing? I am going to catch both fish when Paul gets home. I have an anti bacterial powder stuff which I can bathe them in. Will do that and rub some Koi cream on the yellow ones sore. That will help her along.

Other than that I was thinking about Salt but I really want to wait till I have had the test results before I do that just to make sure everything has gone.

Keep you updated


I’ll try and get a picture later when Paul is home. I cant catch them they move to quick for me. He does have a couple of bumps on him, which dont look great, but this was the fish we had problems with in the winter, and he was starting to heal nicely. Now he’s all poorly looking again.

Will put some pics up for sure.


I’ve watched my fish as the pond is refilling, and I have seen three of them flicking still¬†:cry:¬†Could there be something else in there that is causing this ? Or might it be just that the nitrite level is a little high. I have done a 50 water change, I just really really don’t want anything else wrong. I don’t think I can cope if they all end up with sores and stuff.

My yamabuki is swimming around properly now, her fins aren’t clamped anymore, and they all ate before. Am I just panicking over nothing or should I be still concerned?

Just worried over my little wet friends.


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