so I am having to catch my Chagoi tonight. Paul will have to help me. The white fuz has gone, but he def has a couple of red marks which to me look like little holes. I am going to take a few pics for you don’t worry. I am going to bath him in an antibiotic soloution that I have and put some Koi cream on. Depending of course on what I find. If they are holes then I will have to treat properly and seal them up. I have the right stuff. I think.

Anyway. Ph this morning was 8, it is now 7. I can’t get it to stabalise with all the water changes and with my kh being 4. It’s just not working. I think this ph swing will cause them more trouble than anything else. grrrrrr

Nitrite is a slight pink, I don’t quite think its gone yet as can be hard to tell with nt labs kits.

Has anyone used kusuri biopure before. If so, can I add another dose to the pond today to try and help the kh?

Just wondering.



okay okay….

I know what to do, and I am doing the best I can. I put in the super c today. And I will replace the net with the oyster shells in and pop that in somewhere soon. I haven’t put any other chemicals in the pond other than the pp, and I am fighting to get the water back under control.

It hasn’t been an easy road financially. For every time I changed the water I had to add £30 worth of kh up to even get the reading to raise 2. I now have nothing left. My boss hasn’t even paid me properly for the holidays I took, so i am out. I can’t do anything else financially. It has me beat. I have enough stuff to put in the pond for another week. I am just hoping that it will be all sorted by next friday as I have nothing left to put in.

Will keep you posted.