Hey all,

The pond has had a good clean and the filter has been purged twice. Will nip out and get some salt. Had an accident this morning and came off the motorbike, wasn’t on the road, we have a ramp and I skipped off it. Banged my head and shoulder, so can’t get out today. Everything comes in threes as they say. Well I have had my lot now. No more please….

Speak later. and thanks again.



Ok, quick update.
I have done a partial water change, and watched my fish really carefully. I am really unsure of everything but I have tried my best. At present Moby is alive, but she doesn’t look so good, still skulking and now she is sitting by the waterfall.

With a bit of luck I can start to treat with some salt tomorrow.

I will let you know how it fairs in the morning.




so after watching the fish this morning, and cleaning the filter, which was black I might add.

My sick fish still doesn’t look so good, and I have seen a few fish flicking. I am going to seek some advice from our local guy because I don’t want to dose the pond again unless I really have to. But if the trich could still be there then I will do. I am also wondering if a salt bath might help the sick one ? Any thoughts….


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