Catch up.

It’s been a tough month over here. Things were working out great and then as usual, seems summer and the warmer weather strikes and then all kinds of things started to go pear shaped. 


First we had a wonderful house guest. Sparky a Congo African Grey. We took her on because my husband really had wanted Bobby to be his best mate, but it didn’t happen. Bobby choose me. 



The great charity we got involved with through posting a picture of Bobby on facebook was passed onto us by a mutual friend. And we first met Sparky locally and she fell in love with Paul and vice versa. 


Her favourite place in the house…. 




So after a very long wait and a home visit as I stated we brought her home. She was great with us for the first week and then as she settled she started biting. I’m not talking about little bites either. 


Paul could do anything with her and I also did at first, but then she started to refuse to go back into her cage from your hand. And we had to resort to a stick/perch. This was okay till the day she decided on me to run up the stick to attack me. 


Bobby was also very jealous, we couldn’t have him out with her in the room as he’d go to close to her. 


She also decided that even though she was a man’s bird, she wanted me out of our house. She wouldn’t do anything with Paul when I was there. All she wanted to do was sit on me, and be with me. Also not fair to Bobby because he also choose me. 



It was a very difficult decision and although she was only with us three weeks. She had a space in my heart despite the biting. He whistles and calls are still missed now. But she wasn’t for us. She went back to the charity and we have been told she’s now in a different location and doing very well. 


At the end of the day we were thinking of her happiness and hope that she will find her forever home. 


Bobby on the other hand is doing really well, growing in character every day. 




The other things that have not helped are all the ‘vehicle’ problems we’ve been having. One thing after another and they started to get really expensive when we were only just getting things back on track. So we’re back to square one financially. With nothing left. 


Luckily though to some extent the summer holidays are here and Paul has lots of time there to work extra hours. Anything he does will be saved then for our trip down south in August to the Koi show. 


One of the strangest things that has happened in the last month is meeting and helping out a great gentleman with his Koi. 


My husband is a cheeky person, so after seeing a filter system up a driveway stopped to ask if it was for sale. The lady said it wasn’t but that her husband was putting it on his pond. Paul tried to sell her some fish too, that’s when she mentioned about all the problems they were having with their fish. They were dying. 

Being as helpful as he was he offered my services. And when the husband rang up a few days later we went around to his house to help out. 


In the house and after meeting the son, the owner walked in. Weird as it was, he happened to be a customer of mine already with company I work for, (delivering food to their workplace) 


So, it’s been a roller coaster helping him out with his sick fish and in moving things around and doing things at home too. 


We had some big issues with our own pond with pumps failing and pipework popping off. Eek… but we’re getting back on track there too. Thankfully. 

As for my writing I had to put it on hold for a good few weeks, I’ve not had the energy or the time to put the work in, and I can’t do it if I’m overloaded because it wouldn’t be doing the story justice either. I’m hoping that August will be better and that I can put things back on track. 


Best Friends is heading into the next stage again, series 2 🙂 I’m looking forward to getting more work done on that. And all my sci fi projects are moving forward too. It’s great to be part of such good teams. Working with others is amazing. 


Work, well it’s really also taken off. My run has been doing very well and this Monday I’m heading out in a newer and bigger van. When you swap van’s it’s like moving home as you really do get used to the vehicle you drive. 


Think I’ve sort of caught you all up. I hope everyone is doing well. Missed having the time to write and so hope that I can be back at it. Catching up with the blogs I’ve missed reading too. 


Speak soon. 



Thanks :)

I just wanted to say a big thanks for all the lovely messages I’ve received over the last few weeks. 


I’ve had a tough time keeping up with everything as there has been so much going on. But, I’m off work from Friday for a whole 10 days. So I am hoping I can fill you all in 🙂 


Love to ya all. x x x



Been a busy week.

I can’t get past this hurdle of intense emotional, financial and weird amounts of stress. I haven’t been able to do much writing or editing, but I’ve done lots of reading and catching up with things. 

This last couple of weeks in total have just been crazy. 

This week, started out a little better. But then on Wednesday kinda went down hill. Both at work and home I broke my van at work, and then my car. 😦 

Came home and mum had been in bed all day, sick. Which isn’t like her, so then worried all day on thurs about her and the cost of our car. 

Friday and mum was no better, I called the surgery to try and get her a doctor out and to be honest they really weren’t interested. Told me some meds to get her and didn’t quite tell her some others. So at least by today she’s feeling a bit better. 

The car cost a small fortune to get fixed, but seems okay now. All fish are good. And Bobby has been out the cage again 🙂 He’s now in his new one although a little tired from all the exercise yesterday. 

Here’s a picture for you all. 🙂Image

He loved my head…. tee hee. Silly Bobby. 🙂 I was a little scared at first but he seemed happy so he stayed there for over ten mins. 

Hope everyone else is good. 🙂 

Speak soon x x 

Best Friends Web series

I should have been blogging more. But I’ve had such a month of stuff. 

First off, my dad got married 25th May in bonnie Scotland. It was a glorious day, and we stayed in a beautiful hotel. 

I really do have lots more to add and talk about, but I think it will have to wait for another day. 

I’ve had a few problems with my koi, getting into breeding season. And we had a massive flux of blanketweed, which caused massive Ph swings from morning to night. My fish weren’t happy at all. Finally got it under control with the help of some great guys. 

I’ve been busy busy with the writing side of things. Melvin and I have written 7 episodes for Best Friends. A couple of them were a little difficult due to restraints and re-writes, but one more to do over the weekend and we’re waiting then for filming to start in July, casting calls have already gone out (to which over 250) have applied for. Wow, can I call myself a writer now…. pretty please? 

It has been great fun though coming up with plots for the girls and their families. Lets just see how it all pans out now. We’ve all got high hopes for the series, so I’ll be bugging you all to stop and watch it.


Here’s a link to a short interview with the girls. 


And if you check the Facebook page, you can see some shots of the set…. 


Gotta run, so much more to do. 




Been a while… so busy with projects

Hey everyone,

So it has indeed been a good while, but it has been some happy times. Along with lots of hard work. Writing is re-writing isn’t it?

I am involved with a few projects at the moment. All very exciting and moving along at a good pace.

Please check out IROBE written by myself and Melvin Johnson Jr.

I met Melvin on a script writing site called Zhura in 2007. We became fast friends and have grown as writers along the way. This is our first written script together although we have been helping each other out along the way. He is a great writer with lots of experience and I was honoured to work with him on  something we both believed in.
We’ve also been  asked to write together a new web-series, but early days on this. I hope to post some more on it when I can. 🙂
And, The Pandoran Chronicles currently in underwriting for funding.

I  am also co-screen writer with Dante D’Anthony on this fantastic CGI animation franchise.   check out the ‘Team’ members some great names in there and some even more amazing artwork.

Please drop by these pages and let me know what you think, like it, share it, you know I’ll do the same for you…Thanks :)

Let this year be the best for all of us here, and I’ll continue to push out there as well, as it has put me in contact with some of the most supportive and talented people ever.

It hooked me up with a cool guy who is helping me bring some animated life to The Secret King.

I never thought much about CGI or what you could do in animation compared to ‘real live’ films. However, Jaime has converted me into believing that it really could look awesome done this way.

So, we’re creating the main characters, working on the story world and going to put together an  animation short film or teaser to shoot the festivals next year.

It is all really exciting for me and it has been a long time coming. Finally. 🙂 I am stoked.

Regarding the koi,  I’ve just got rid of 120 so  the rest (the best have more room to grow) It had to be done, and I know the last few (100) are going to be amazing.

Busy, busy.
On to  some more work. Catch you all soon.