Best Friends Web series

I should have been blogging more. But I’ve had such a month of stuff. 

First off, my dad got married 25th May in bonnie Scotland. It was a glorious day, and we stayed in a beautiful hotel. 

I really do have lots more to add and talk about, but I think it will have to wait for another day. 

I’ve had a few problems with my koi, getting into breeding season. And we had a massive flux of blanketweed, which caused massive Ph swings from morning to night. My fish weren’t happy at all. Finally got it under control with the help of some great guys. 

I’ve been busy busy with the writing side of things. Melvin and I have written 7 episodes for Best Friends. A couple of them were a little difficult due to restraints and re-writes, but one more to do over the weekend and we’re waiting then for filming to start in July, casting calls have already gone out (to which over 250) have applied for. Wow, can I call myself a writer now…. pretty please? 

It has been great fun though coming up with plots for the girls and their families. Lets just see how it all pans out now. We’ve all got high hopes for the series, so I’ll be bugging you all to stop and watch it.


Here’s a link to a short interview with the girls. 


And if you check the Facebook page, you can see some shots of the set…. 


Gotta run, so much more to do. 




One comment on “Best Friends Web series

  1. Hi Hun I too have not been writing here and I just spent some time reading your blogs and entry’s and made one myself as it seems to help me when I am struggling to do some writing.
    I hope that you are feeling better and that the things that are troubling you are getting sorted slowly one day at a time.
    Your love for your writing shows in the content and the love for your fish is always present as you care for them dearly with everything you have and that just shows the special person that you are.
    Everything you do in your life you give it all you have and that is something that I respect and honor in you. Keep your head up my dear and keep living life to the fullest and your rewards will come and grow everyday…

    Take care Hun your friend Ron ….

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