Hotting up!

And I don’t mean the weather. Well we’re almost ready for the final stages of TSK’s book 1 release. I’m really excited that everything is coming together, and then I’m really scared as well. I flit from one to the other almost every minute. our website can be found here –

Here’s a scary image for you, the day I received the Royal Pendant from Trent in the US. I love it so much, I can’t wait to see if we can get a few of these manufactured. (this one is hand crafted out of wood, with such love it is unreal!


The cover is looking SUPER awesome. And I’ll do a big cover reveal over the easter bank holiday I think.

Sci fi Max’s latest edition is set for release on Friday! which has a great page spread for us. Please check it out, and of course, I’ll remind you all on the day…

I’ve been spending the weekend planning. Camp Nano starts in April, I have two weeks of 4 working week days, and then a whole two weeks off. I plan to hammer out the third book to the series. Looking to get around the 100k mark, but we’ll see. Its early yet, and I’m not 100% where the story and characters will take me. The planning is and always does take a different path when I’m in the midst of it all.

So there you are! I’m super excited. I totally can’t wait for April….


Wed tagging on Thurs :)

Ummm don’t know what happened there… I thought I posted it live. Guess I didn’t. Oops…


I sometimes just don’t know where the time goes. This weeks flying by…. eeek.

Problems this morning with my script registrations. So had to sort that out. Funny isn’t it that almost 12 mths ago and they’ve lost my card payment details. Good job Paypal is so organised.

Work, work, work. And it’s been so busy… Can’t wait for next week when we get four days off for Easter 🙂 Yippie… I’ll get some time to catch up on things before the end of the month.

I’ve done as much editing as I can. Almost to the end of Chap 5 now. 🙂 It’s really bad when you’ve taken some time off from the piece and only been concentrating on the beginning. When you actually do move forward, you are thrown back into the world you created with a new vision. It’s brilliant. Thank you E.J. Runyon 🙂

Just been out for a small drink with the other half. Time to relax and a chippy tea… (sod the weight thing… lol.






What a storming day I’ve had at work. Settling in now. Need to crack on with Chap 5.


Catch you soon.

Dawn x x

Something BIG is coming…



It is called a mortgage meeting… 


I am so scared. It’s time we reworked and sorted out our future. For all four of us. Those that live here, my mum, me, hubby and my mum’s hubby… we have to make sure we can stay and we’re not put at risk. 


😦 I am scared, I am nervous. ED is beating me over the head. I am drinking more than I should. 😦 so not good… 


I am human, with faults and all. 


Love ya… 



The story behind…


I’ve been thinking a little about this because I’ve recently been asked a couple of times. Where the name came from and why I picked it.

Over my Internet years. I’ve had a few names.


in 2007 I decided to get rid of the ‘hurting’ names and pick something that would reflect who I was. At the time, I was attending Cheadle Royal ED unit three times a week and living with my nan for most of that time.

Sunday night, attending on a monday, home Monday. Returning Tue night to attend wednesday, home wed, returning thursday to attend friday and home for the weekend. (hubby did stay at nans with me)

But it was in being with my nan where Kanundra came from.

We used to watch Countdown together a UK tv game show.

And at the end of it there is a connundrum. Which I then turned into Kanundra.

I have since learned that it is actually a real name.

This was taken from a website a social website for logo design, it sort of sums me up nicely. How strange.

This little info about the name of the business might help some designers:

Kanundra sounds like conundrum, which means a difficult problem. The purpose of Kanundra is to fix difficult problems. Facebook had a similar concept, they provided a solution where people can socialize and communicate. Kanundra is going towards that motivation.

I guess I went from ‘hurting’ to actually ‘fixing’ my problem.

Life is full of little surprises isn’t it?

Where did your name or nic come from?

Dawn x x