Something BIG is coming…



It is called a mortgage meeting… 


I am so scared. It’s time we reworked and sorted out our future. For all four of us. Those that live here, my mum, me, hubby and my mum’s hubby… we have to make sure we can stay and we’re not put at risk. 


😦 I am scared, I am nervous. ED is beating me over the head. I am drinking more than I should. 😦 so not good… 


I am human, with faults and all. 


Love ya… 



5 comments on “Something BIG is coming…

  1. And going through something new can be looked at as progress. You’ve named what you fear. Now Work to conquer those fears.
    F-E-A-R: False Expectations Appearing Real.
    Big Hug.

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