Weekend :)

Sat night… 


It was a wonderful night out with our friends. There were 9 of us, and the restaurant we ate at was nice. Paul was a little disappointed with his choice, but mine was nice, fish lasagne  Totally fishy and different. 🙂 

We went back to their place for a couple of drinks. (Although I was driving) and it was just very pleasant. 




Carried on with a little bit of editing. Seems there isn’t enough time in the day at all to get on with this at the moment. Although I am really enjoying it. 


We went Wrexham to pick up a trailer that we won from Ebay. It was a quick trip and pretty easy to find, although we got lost off a few roundabouts. 

We did see an accident though, some guy took a bend from a 60 zone into a 30, and spun out. I knew he was going to fast, there was no way he would make the bend at the speed he overtook us at. 

Eventful day but we stopped to have our dinner on the way back. Much better food than sat, weird huh. Think we’ll get Paul’s friend to come up this way instead next time. 🙂 

Work today was hard. Think I’m coming down with a cold or something, bones are aching. Which isn’t nice while driving around. I’m editing tonight, so this is only just a quick catch up. 

Thinking of you all though, take care.