Hey everyone…

I wanted to say if bad luck upsets you please don’t read this…

Two weeks ago I fell on Monday at work, at 430, I work with cardboard, and have to stand on a small platform, of which I lost my footing on, and slipped off, I caught my left middle finger on my desk and twisted it right back, with a nasty crack. Yes it hurt, and I am un a lot of pain, so I go see the first aider who just laughs and tells me to run it under the cold tap. I did, but the pain was awful. When my manager comes out of a meeting I tell him and he laughs along with the supervisor. I know it was a stupid accident but it hurt.

My step dad takes me home, so I don’t have to drive anyway, and I take some mega painkillers, it doesnt help, so off I trot to hospital. They x-ray it and they think I have a fracture, but don’t plaster it. Until I see the specialist they won’t say anything but I can’t work.

I go to work as I am desperate for the money, and my boss is nice enough to give me real light duties to do.

I am in a lot of pain, but ok, I manage…

On Thursday I go to the fracture clinic and they confirm it’s a spiral fracture on my fifth metacarpal. I have it plastered up.

I manage to work Friday and all last week with it in plaster, I am miserable… and Ed is trying to rule my head. Saying all the regular nasty things to me…

On Thursday with the bad winds I can’t get home so my step dad takes me to his house and I stay there I don’t see my husband Paul and I am sad as I love him dearly. On the Friday morning, I am upset and I cry to him on the phone, I have been feeling bad for ages, and I agree to go back to the doctor and go back on my medication, (anti depressants) Then he tells me he is going out for his mates birthday and I am not invited.. I cried, all I wanted was a bit of support some love, but oh no he went out…

So sat at home on me own, having some wine, I get a text of my polish girlfriend Monika who was staying up the road from me that night, she is bored, and so I say lets go out then. So at ten I met her in the local pub and we dance and have a drink. I drink diet coke for heavens sake.

Hubby hasn’t taken his phone with him so I text his friend to say I went out.

On the way back from the pub we stop for Monika’s supper, and head for her flat. There I fall down a pot hole, hurting my ankle. I eventually get up after cursing loudly and struggle up her stairs where I can survey the damage, and. I have cut my fourth finger, and my right knee, my ankle is massive and now I carnet get home. I call a taxi and its going to be an hour. So I walk home.

Hubby aint there, he didn’t get the train, I am so annoyed, and I knew he would miss it, so I ring his friend. He was getting a lift home, so I wait for him.

I don’t say anything to him, I don’t have to. I get my mum to take me to hospital, thankfully it’s not broken. But it hurts more than my hand…

I went to the docs yesterday and I got my anti dep back, and took some, but I can’t take the painkillers and them together, I was so ill yesterday, so they will have to wait, I can manage for a bit longer without them…

I just wanted to let it out, I guess how frustrated I am with everything. How hurt I am and I am feeling so so sorry for myself.

I will heal I know, but its not good right now. Really not good….

Love Dawn.



hey just to let you know, i broke my hand and cant type much, hope you are all well, missing you all.


take care Dawn…xxx

ps it hurts…xx



I am soooooo in pain.

Hope everyone is ok; I haven’t got my computer sorted yet at my nanas hope to this week miss coming here.

Love to you all…


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so how is everything in life at the moment…

pretty crap? Why is it after having some nice and well deserved time off work, we all end up feeling so bad on returning?

There are several things that always make me down in January and def work is one of them. The other thing is moving to my Nan’s as the caravan season shuts down and we all have to leave. It’s really sad and I hate it, you think that as we pay council tax and all other bills besides paying the ground rent that we could at least stay the full 52 weeks in the year.

I really do get well miffed in January. My hubby being a pain in arse too as he don’t like it and he keeps biting my head off.

Work is going to get mad mad busy and I don’t think they have a clue that its just suddenly going to take off and where are all our staff, two off sick now and the rest well holidays, I keep asking for them to bring my friends back but I don’t know if it will happen and then it may be too late..

Anyways got some writing to do, will keep updating when I can.

Not sure if I will get on much at Nan’s, but who knows.

Love Dawn

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