so how is everything in life at the moment…

pretty crap? Why is it after having some nice and well deserved time off work, we all end up feeling so bad on returning?

There are several things that always make me down in January and def work is one of them. The other thing is moving to my Nan’s as the caravan season shuts down and we all have to leave. It’s really sad and I hate it, you think that as we pay council tax and all other bills besides paying the ground rent that we could at least stay the full 52 weeks in the year.

I really do get well miffed in January. My hubby being a pain in arse too as he don’t like it and he keeps biting my head off.

Work is going to get mad mad busy and I don’t think they have a clue that its just suddenly going to take off and where are all our staff, two off sick now and the rest well holidays, I keep asking for them to bring my friends back but I don’t know if it will happen and then it may be too late..

Anyways got some writing to do, will keep updating when I can.

Not sure if I will get on much at Nan’s, but who knows.

Love Dawn

By kanundra Posted in netlog

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