Nanowrimo – plotting :)

So with a week to go till the 1st November. I’ve got the weekend to myself again to be plotting and brainstorming.

My plan is a rewrite of book 2 for my TSK series. I’ve had some very good friends, alfa read it, and I have loads of notes, what works and what doesn’t.

The big thing with mine is there are several Key Characters and their lives need to carry through with enough tension and weaving to keep every reader satisfied. At the moment, the bones are there, but I forgot some characters at points.

Good thing Scrivener is so awesome at organising things. It’s a massive help when tackling this kind of re-write.


I’ve had such a whirlwind of a few weeks. With my back taking priority to get better. At least I’ve managed to carry on.

My mum (bless her) was the final proof reader for TSK 1 and she’s a very avid reader, one or two a week. Getting approval from other people is fantastic, but it’s even nicer, when your mum reads something of yours and asks for the next one. She laughed, saying she’s already sold some copies for me. Love her 🙂

So here we go…. last weekend before the madness begins. Hope you’re all ready! and good luck.

Sometimes so long!

It’s been a bad, bad couple of weeks for me. I don’t know what I did, but I hurt my back. This made me entirely not able to function as a person. I went to work, I did the bare essentials around the home. Fed and cleaned at least most things including myself daily. I got my crits in on scrib’d was a bit late with a few other things, but I tried.

Things are getting a little easier. I’m not quite taking the pain killers that I was. And it’s not constantly burning or hurting. I’m also sleeping better, so that is a good thing.

I have to say that I am upset about the lack of excersise or will power when it has come to food. It’s been my kind of coping mechanism in the opposite sense, I’ve made myself eat real food each day. Not over the top rubbish, as I’ve never done that. But I’ve still managed to put back on about 6lbs, it’s not an impossible amount to shift. And could just take a few weeks, but I’m still recovering and won’t want to push it, just yet.

We’re also coming up to Nanowrimo. And that is an exciting time of year for me, usually I take part and write soemthing totally new, but I’m actually thinking on a total hit on TSK book 2. It’s had three/four great people read almost 2/3rds (they’ll finish just before the end of the month) and I don’t think I can put it aside to work on the next one, while this is still fresh in my head.

So torn over what to do.

I’ve spent the day doing Military Research. And organising things. But, ugghhh I’m so daunted by where I need to go and how much I need to do.

I forget when starting TSK Book 1 actually how rough it was. And how much hard work and slog I did put into it to get it to the polished stage it is in now. Looking to do that over again well it kinda sucks. It’s exciting totally. We’ve got some amazing things on the go for our animated short film.

I should grin and bare it. I must grin and bare it.