Audiobook Review – The Tower of Zhaal

Straight onto the second! Excellent work, this one was so much better in my eyes because I loved where these characters went!

“Better and Better!”

I was glad that I had this one to listen to after the first ended. Of course, it’s a stand alone book and felt very organic. But I wanted more from this world. Glad CT Phipps delivered with this, I also believe there’s a third coming sometime soon. 🙂

I am not very up with Cthulhu and their myths and legends, of course, this just made me want to dig into this very weird and terrifying world.

The Tower of Zhaal kicks off with just as much action as the first. Where Booth and Mercury are kidnapped and taken to save the world. A Very weird way of asking, but I can also see why the society might need to do it this way.

What I really enjoyed about this, was that even though we thought Booth and Mercury couldn’t get more involved, the character development around these two was still exemplary. So deep and emotional that I felt for their relationship as odd as it was, and as loving as it seemed.

I still think every woman Booth comes across is one he’s been in love with at some point, and the re-introduction of his wife made this much more interesting. So many things to go wrong, so much to lose.

This book will defo have you on the edge of your seat, high action, high horror. Booth changes a lot, not just physically as he embraces the person he really is, or the alien that he is, but also on a mental level. And I really liked this about him. There was a great strength in him and it showed in his decision and of course, some non-decision as life just seemed to roll on around him.

I admit getting to know these characters made a better impact on me storywise, it flowed on from the first, kept me hanging and engage, and emotionally invested. The monsters were terrifying, the world so detailed I thought I was there…

When’s the next one out! I’m having a book hangover… Although I am starting on the super villainy books, it won’t be the same. : (

Great, great job. Thank you for the entertainment guys!

AudioBook Review – Cthulhu Armageddon

Had the terrifying experience of CT Phipps this last week. 🙂 awesome book and great narrator!


Cthulhu Armageddon | [C. T. Phipps]


I have to admit, that following Jeffery Kafer around brought me to this book. I kept looking at it, reading the synopsis and then not picking it up, but I did still keep on coming back to it. A friend kept pushing me to give it a go, and I’m glad that I did. I’m not very familiar with Cthulhu as a story, but because it seemed to be myth/law, I did a little digging and found many references to it. Nice job on creating this amazing world around something so diverse in its creation.

C.T. Phipps has an extraordinary imagination, both for the setting and the characters. It starts off really quick and the action just doesn’t let up. The humour, both dark, and gripping kept me listening even with the horrible creatures and destruction of our world.

Booth’s mission with his team turns bad and he loses them all or so he thinks, he’s not only any clue how he eventually escapes but he’s left with a strange handprint on his shoulder. As things unfold Booth’s adventure grows in intensity, he’s to take the blame for his team’s death, resulting in a public execution, that the ‘torturer’ Mercury fakes because she wants him as a guide in the wastelands. It seems her life is on a short leash as well. So booth agrees to help her reluctantly.

The friendships that develop and the journey that Booth sets out on is fraught with monsters, danger, and death.

The monsters are horrible. I didn’t think that anything he could continue to see and witness would scare him more than the previous encounter, and in one sense, I think that being terrified all the time did get a little repetitive. I believe that more you’re exposed to these kinds of things the more that you get accustomed to them, or at least a little immune, the horrors of war and life in the wastelands would be more and more like normal life, but the fact was that Booth seemed to just keep on finding things so horrible and sickening that it kind of detracted it for me.

The narration was, of course, pretty spot on, there were great characterisations from Jeffery especially with Booth, I enjoyed the performance and the ladies, even if they all did seem to fawn over the MC. The only one who gave as much as she was dealt with, without an emotional attachment was Jackie, and she was a kid, everyone else seemed to ‘want’ to be with or had been with Booth, and that got a little old, more so thinking that he actually might want to be with the woman who tortured people…. Booth seemed to just do the opposite of what I thought he might when there was a pretty body near him.

Overall I was impressed both with the story and the narration, so I picked up book 2 and am almost finished with it 🙂 Thank you for the entertainment, really enjoyed the journey and the ending was really exciting! solid 4.5 stars from me all round.

#favreads2016 for Kanundra

So this post has taken me all morning to start to put together, but I think it’s been worth it.

I’ve had the great pleasure of being involved in 2016 with my own audiobooks. That alone immersed me into the world of many authors who I didn’t know or had known but had no real time for reading anymore.

For that, and to listen2abook I am very grateful.  🙂

Everyone remembers their first time right? Well let me know what your first audiobook was and what you loved about it….

For me, I’d personally had my audio account for over 8 mths, and never used it. I got books each month because I had credits to burn but they like my ebook collection was just growing.

When searching for my own narrator, I actually was passed what I now class as my first time, and I think this as an audiobook will still always be one of my very favourite.

I am going to try and keep this list short…. honest.

2016 All time fav Sci Fi in 2016!

I can’t stress enough about the amazing writers and books I’ve listened to this year, this is my fav category. And knocking this down to One Book was the hardest thing I’ve had to do. 169 amazing books from all genres!

But after being asked to listen to a duel narration and being introduced to Jeffery Kafer, I saw this advertised and picked the first book up.

When I like someone, I kinda follow them, so when I saw that Jeffrey Kafer posted about a new sci fi. I was like, Oh, yes please!

I did learn that it wasn’t the usual kinda sci fi I read or have started to listen to, but that didn’t mean I did not enjoy this.

Best Female Narrator and Writer Combo –

Broken Skies: Book 1 | [Theresa Kay]

For the most part this story kept me on edge and I wanted to know what happened. I can’t believe the Author hasn’t had the narrator back to do the second book, I’m just gutted, so much so I had to buy the book, and I don’t often do that. I don’t have the time to read a real book. So I do hope that the author will have this on the cards next.

Top book read of the year is her second book in the series. (not available as audio shame)

Best Male Narrator and Writer Combo –


I think when you start to listen to AudioBooks in the way I have, you do become fans of people. Jeff’s books were some of the first I had the pleasure of listening to, even within a genre I wasn’t a lover of, and I am a fan of his.

Add in the sci fi element and well I’m sold before I even know the premise. 🙂 Some things you know are just going to be a good listen. The fact that a story can be written so many ways just excites me.

Best Fantasy –

Heart of Gold: Clans of Shadow, Book 1 | [J. A. Cipriano, J. B. Garner]

“Loved this story.”

This was defo a little more fantasy than I’m used to, with wizards and magic, and all that jazz. But, with Joe narrating, from horror to fantasy I know it’s pretty much got to be a good listen, it didn’t disappoint.

Best Horror – Sorry, but again this one goes to Joe Hemple (Fantastic all round Narrator)

“Horrific! but so good.”

This was a fantastically horrific and just gross out collection of horror stories. But they were so so good, and in bite sized chunks that were great for listening at work. There was a couple of them I really wished were much longer and this was the only reason I marked it down a bit. We only just got a good feel for the characters and what was going on around them that when it ended it was too soon.


Weirdest (yet strangely satisfying)

“Dark, mysterious and action packed!”

Would you listen to The Atomic Sea: Omnibus of Volumes One and Two again? Why?

I would listen to both of these books again, because there was so much to the world and story, I felt it was a lot to take in and digest as an audiobook.

Longest Series I listened to –

“Great Intro listen to at anytime.”

As I said above, this is a great addition, and you can really listen to it at anytime. I got through all the 12 books and then had the worst hangover, so this was a nice addition to the series. The two Seals with the guys in here, are fab characters, both fought till their last breath, as said in the main series, but going through it with them is hard on the emotions.


And Finally some Honourable mentions.

Sci Fi Fun and the most Unique world building –


“Exciting new sci fi!”

Full disclosure. I had the wonderful opportunity to read some of this in one of my author crit groups, but I was super excited to then learn of it as an audiobook! Especially read by Ray Porter, who I enjoyed for some of his other works. So I had to go and buy this. 🙂

Dennis’s Bobiverse was a little strange at first. But, you’re soon taken in by the wonderful humour of Bob and the weird circumstances he’s got himself into and has to keep himself sane from…. I admit there’s a lot going on, and there are some ‘Bob’s I like more than others. But that’s to be expected. They are all so different…. and of course as a trecky fan I love Ryker. And Homer 🙂

Most Emotional and Raw.

Captive: A New Life, Book 1 | [Samantha Jacobey]

“no words….”

This literally was one of the hardest books I’ve listened to, but not in a bad way at all. I mean it’s just so raw, so emotional and just makes you shiver with what happens. It’s one that really will tear your heart out, make you think and then again still shatter your beliefs in the world.


So there you have it, these are 2016’s best books in my eyes. 🙂 Roll on this year. I’ve got an amazing line-up already and I can’t wait.

~ Dawn



AudioBook Review – Years best Hardcore Horror


I’m really behind on posting my audiobook reviews, so I kinda just jumped a few. Sorry.

There are a few really good ones, I’ll get to linking in here, but for now, this has been one of my fav this last couple of weeks.

You can check out the review or buy it from –


Review is as follows 🙂

“Horrific! but so good.”

I did write this review the other day, can’t remember exactly what I wrote though, but for some reason I either didn’t push send or something went wrong.

So here goes.

This was a fantastically horrific and just gross out collection of horror stories. But they were so so good, and in bite sized chunks that were great for listening at work. There was a couple of them I really wished were much longer and this was the only reason I marked it down a bit. We only just got a good feel for the characters and what was going on around them that when it ended it was too soon.

I also felt there wasn’t quite enough time in-between the stories, because if I put it down at the wrong time, and it moved to the next I sometimes found myself confused.

The two stories that stuck in my mind more than the others were the opening one, Worth the Having. Which I found to be so sick, but crazy awesome at the same time, and Eleanor, because it really made me think.

For a collection to contain everything you can think of. Babies born from the worst possible thing, to suicide pacts, to going ghost hunting only to be murdered. This was a great collection.

What also set it aside were the amazing difference in characterisation from Joe, as a narrator I follow and (buy a lot from) I loved each one, there were distinct differences, some funny voices and tones and even laughter in each tale.

For anyone who loves horror, gore, and a good surprise, this is a good audiobook to buy, you won’t be disappointed.

Looking forward to more 🙂

AudioBook Review – WormWood Dawn Ep 1-3

I had the wonderful opportunity to listen to this series, last week. With the hope of buying more!
I’ve never really been into Zombies, or the Apocolypse, but I admit this was fun, scary and the characters go through so much, I really enjoyed them all.
You can pick up the series from –
My reviews are as follows 🙂
Episode 1
“Pretty scary suff! “
What did you love best about Wormwood Dawn?

I’m not an active horror pursuer, but I do like zombie films, so this was a good change. I loved the sense of humour of the main character, Dan.

What did you like best about this story?

It has to be Dan, as the world ends around him he’s just so bent on getting wasted still that you just can’t help but feel for him. A normal day starts out and ends pretty badly for him. The end of the world and he’s goosed, but his outlook is still awesome.

What about Clifford Edwards’s performance did you like?

This was the first one I’ve listened to from Cliff, and I enjoyed the fun he brought to Dan’s character, in the darkest moments, Dan’s thoughts are delivered with just the right amount of sarcastic and edge that you really do believe he’s telling you his life story. Great job.

Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry?

There were some pretty gruesome moments, and at the time I started to listen to this, 6am in the UK, there was a nice blanket of Fog, which I was driving though! the atmosphere created with the narration and my actual life was just so freaky, it scared me silly. haha.

Any additional comments?

I’ve listened to all three so far, so I’m going to post a longer review on story and content there.



Episode 2 

“Great second episode!”
Would you consider the audio edition of Wormwood Dawn, Episode II to be better than the print version?

I haven’t personally read the book, but the narration always adds another dimension to a story. Because they put so much into the acting. There is a lot of work gone into this and it’s obvious. 🙂

What other book might you compare Wormwood Dawn, Episode II to and why?

I’m not a huge zombie reader, so can’t really compare, I do however like the Dawn of the Dead movies, and Shaun of the Dead, which is the more comedic version. I defo love the comedy side of this, and the eery side. It’s not quite zombies, but mutations as well, so it adds that extra layer, which is horrid and gruesome, but fascinating as well.

What does Clifford Edwards bring to the story that you wouldn’t experience if you just read the book?

The humour, Dan’s inner dialogue can be so brilliant. Like you’re thinking it, but Clifford delivers perfectly.

Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you?

I’m not so sure ‘moved’ is the right term, but there are plenty of ‘egggh’ and ‘yuk’ moments, described very well and given just the right tone in delivery that you really do feel utter sick by the gruesome monsters in this story.

Any additional comments?

Nope, reserving it for the third 🙂

Ep 3

“Just gets better! “
What did you love best about Wormwood Dawn, Episode III?

These characters are just so ‘real’ that the story is fab and this episode is by far the best as things come to a real head for the group…

What was one of the most memorable moments of Wormwood Dawn, Episode III?

There have been a few good memorable moments throughout the series so far. I have to say that Dan’s own internal transformation is starting to rock. He started out such a loser, that bumbled along with his life and he really made you feel sorry for his stupid life, but here he is fighting for survival with friends, and friends he now cares about. What a change in his whole attitude.

What does Clifford Edwards bring to the story that you wouldn’t experience if you just read the book?

Again, just the whole tone and characterisation of all the characters, he does a great job with them. Personality and flare.

Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?

Yes, I listened to all three in three days. I drive for a living, and can listen to 4 hours or more a day, this was a great way to spend my time. 🙂

Any additional comments?

Okay, so some major thoughts here…. I can’t not say that the recording quality difference was apparent from ep 1 and 2 to this one. But, it certainly doesn’t detract from the effort by the narrator or the written story. In all honesty I actually think it added to the ambience of the world Edward created.

I also have to admit here, that because I listened to them all at once, 3 days in a row, I can’t remember which Ep certain key moments are in, but I’ll mention the ones that stick in my mind the most.

The fact that Dan is a loser and a drunken one at that, is kinda hard to get into at first, he really doesn’t help himself at all be being as he is. His life seems so meaningless and his outlook is pretty bleak. But he’s funny, and that carries him, I like his attitude even though it is pretty selfish. Drink or pills, and I’m kinda glad he changed his mind and went for the pills. I actually don’t read the blurbs or other reviews, so when it started off, I had no real clue it was a proper horror/zombie story.

The sickness is awful and described very well, makes you feel yuk yourself. What I liked about this one more than anything is that Dan’s now got a friend and I don’t mean the cat… although that was one horrible and scary darned cat, you know 😦 I felt sorry for it, can understand why Dan did too.

EP 2 This is a more interesting Ep because of Drew, and the bulletin board, meeting Jake is very cool, the dog also, although I was worried it would end up like the cat. There are some amazing creepy things going on with the whole world. The cat, the fact the horse is bitten and we know it’s going to turn, (just when) and then the psycho serial killer whose house they burn down. Gee what a neighbourhood this guy lives in, I kinda think no wonder he was a drunk.

The third guy they team up with while out getting supplies is sad, he loses his brother here and that does suck. They’re really up against a lot of crap here and now and it really hits the fan towards the ending when the rogue military groups turn up and start to blast his house apart. However we think that he’s going to be captured, and he’s not, it’s this psycho killer who nabs him, the one whose diary he’s been reading and finding out about, the shocking truth is that he’s alive and changing! into what we’ve no idea, but it’s not looking good for Dan if he’s ended up in this guys clutches….

So, overall I really enjoyed these so far, I was given them so I’d provide honest feedback, and I have, however, I’m now off to buy the next installment! haha.

Thank you very much Clifford and Edward for a very entertaining few days. 🙂