AudioBook Review – Years best Hardcore Horror


I’m really behind on posting my audiobook reviews, so I kinda just jumped a few. Sorry.

There are a few really good ones, I’ll get to linking in here, but for now, this has been one of my fav this last couple of weeks.

You can check out the review or buy it from –


Review is as follows 🙂

“Horrific! but so good.”

I did write this review the other day, can’t remember exactly what I wrote though, but for some reason I either didn’t push send or something went wrong.

So here goes.

This was a fantastically horrific and just gross out collection of horror stories. But they were so so good, and in bite sized chunks that were great for listening at work. There was a couple of them I really wished were much longer and this was the only reason I marked it down a bit. We only just got a good feel for the characters and what was going on around them that when it ended it was too soon.

I also felt there wasn’t quite enough time in-between the stories, because if I put it down at the wrong time, and it moved to the next I sometimes found myself confused.

The two stories that stuck in my mind more than the others were the opening one, Worth the Having. Which I found to be so sick, but crazy awesome at the same time, and Eleanor, because it really made me think.

For a collection to contain everything you can think of. Babies born from the worst possible thing, to suicide pacts, to going ghost hunting only to be murdered. This was a great collection.

What also set it aside were the amazing difference in characterisation from Joe, as a narrator I follow and (buy a lot from) I loved each one, there were distinct differences, some funny voices and tones and even laughter in each tale.

For anyone who loves horror, gore, and a good surprise, this is a good audiobook to buy, you won’t be disappointed.

Looking forward to more 🙂

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