A sad day ~ hugs

Today we’re heading over to Whales for a Family Funeral. It has been a long hard month with loads of other complications, and life niggles, as it usually happens, always in 3’s or 6’s for us. But it’s especially hard over the holidays and in naturally the hardest month of the year. Today might be difficult for everyone, but it will be good to remember things and of course put other things to rest.

Families can be one of the hardest things to have around you, or not around you. It doesn’t mean you aren’t family though or that they don’t cross your mind.

So, on that note, hug everyone close to you, tell them you love them and remember all the good things about everyone who was and is close.

x x x

Happy New Year – Onwards

I’ve kinda been putting off this sort of post, because the last two months have been so hard. As usual sometimes the only thing that keeps us going is the day to day normality of life, and the wonderful people around us.

But, there comes that time when you realise that sometimes it’s just not enough.

Christmas always brings with it reflection and makes you feel so much more, and this year has certainly not been the best.

As a moderator on some of the best groups on facebook one of the worst things with social media is finding out about an accident involving a loved one. This is something we’ve had to strive to fight off because it’s so easy to push that button and post a picture.

Then there’s this other side, that your lifes in a public setting and everyone and anyone can eventually find you. Yes, I get my fair share of stalkers too. Sometimes so many, and you get fed up of the Direct Messages, or naughty pictures ahah. Instant delete and block on facebook and twitter. Those internet sites will never change.

We were told through facebook over the holidays that my husbands brother had passed away. His estranged family contacted him through facebook. He doesn’t do facebook and it was a weird thing because I don’t often check out his profile. Moments after the message had been delivered, I got the same message through on ‘requests’ on my own page.

I don’t need to say anything, and I won’t. A life lost is a shame, and we’re in shock and mourning. Though once again it makes you realise that not everything is as it should be and that you need a kick up the backside to do something about it.

I won’t make any new years resolutions, I just plan on ‘doing’ I already spent my time over the holidays looking at new things to do with my life. There are some very good opportunities around my local area at the moment, and fingers crossed that will be one thing that will make some very nice changes for me, and my family.

So with a little luck on my side, and a positive attitude, I am looking forward to 2017 and no matter what the next month brings. Will deal with it the best way I can.

The words no Koi Keeper ever wishes to here. :(

A lot of you know I keep Koi, my pictures and videos are there for all to see. They’re a huge part of my life, I love them, just as much as I love my cat, Spooky and my Parrot, Bobby.

The latest video of course https://vimeo.com/105432969

But, you don’t know that I also help moderate over a few forums. Mostly the guys there play nice, which is always good to see. And I help where and wherever I can. Locally in my area, I’ve helped a few valued friends. And hope to continue to do so.

But there are some very worrying concerns within the hobby a virus called KHV which everyone knows and learns about. It was with great sadness that I’ve followed one of our forum members tragic experience this last week in their collection getting sick, to the Final Diagnosis and euthanasia of their whole pond. 😦

I won’t take any of their post to put here, but wanted to link to the forum because of all the love and support Bryan and Rosemary have had there.

The posts speak for themselves, and I am very proud of our community and the site for what it is. As far as a hobby goes, you will never, ever have friends like you do here.

Completely different to the bird community. There is no where near as much nonsense. I am a proud and happy Koi Keeper, and I hope that Bryan and Rosemary may start again. With love and support anything is possible.

I wish them well for the future.



Busy week…and weekend

Been really knuckling down with things this week. In regards to actually putting in real effort with TSK and in helping out Paul with the few jobs we need to secure before winter starts to set in. 


Got through Chap 4 and it’s almost done. Might have one more pass with it, but I’ve worked really hard on Chap 5 for Thurs session this week. 


I’ve got a busy day tomorrow, and Tues/wed eek. My friend and customer, still has some big issues with his fish, such a shame. So I am still helping out there. It really needs hands on every week till they are clear of these two terrible parasites. Costia and white spot. Like myself last year, he’s lost so many. So sad, but they’re pretty weak now, and I can only hope that they’re out the worst. 


Nice to have a wonderful big pond. Hard to catch and treat fish effectively when they’re sick.  With no running QT it’s a fighting battle.


Back in work tomorrow, not looking forward to it, already had several complaints, but hey ho. I live where I serve, can’t take any time off without an adverse reaction. At least they know I’m back tomorrow and things will return to normal. 


Hope you all have a good week, and I’ll try update as soon as I can. 


Dawn x 



Grumpy hump day

It’s been one of those days today. I am glad I am not in work for the one reason that I don’t think I could have been around that food today. I’ve still carried on, don’t get me wrong, but some things have been at the forefront of my mind. 

Telling my mum today about Jay’s loss was sad, as she turned around and said ‘it could have been you.’ and I know she is right. ED can take anyone of us at anytime. It is such a strain on the body we really put our lives at risk. 


I’ve tried not to let it get me down too much today, but all the years I knew Jay, (although the last few were mostly more down to just facebook) than the forums or chat rooms where I first met her, I am still sad. 


We’re going out this evening, orange Wed, so a nice meal and the cinema it is. I hadn’t wanted to go anywhere this morning, but I do now. 


Writing wise, eeek. I’ve a skype tomorrow with EJ, and I’ve not done a huge amount. With being away for the weekend and catching up with jobs at home, I have to knuckle down tomorrow and get some done. 


Will catch you soon, and for anyone visiting who knew Jay, say hello, I won’t mind. It’s good to talk. As that’s how I met her in the first place.