Disaster again!!!

I hate heaters. Am never buying another second hand one ever. 😦 £300 in two years and they’re both done in….

Got a phone call of the other half today, the baby tank heater has malfunctioned. Raising the temperature from 12d to 29d… crap. 

Babies all sulking on the bottom. 

He turned the heater off opened up all the flaps. Babies are now swimming about. Temp down to 28d but going the steam off it is unreal.  

I am gutted. Going to have to pull it all off at the weekend and see why it’s gone kaput. 

Could be blanket weed all wrapped around the inside. Don’t know. 

At least they didn’t cook. Although pinked up and a little stressed. I am hoping they’ll recover quickly. 

Adding in some salt to help ease the stress. Last parasite check only a a few weeks ago so fingers all crossed. 

 Still not happy it is the second year running. Last year heater packed in and temp dropped from 20 to 10 in one night. 

Seneye isn’t plugged in due to no funds for the slides at present.  another sucky reason or I would have known something was wrong.




This has really been a rough week. With our producer for Best Friends being let down. My co-writer and I had to do a pretty quick re-write. Good job even though the time difference sucks my friend and I work well together. 

The car wouldn’t start on Monday leading to a mad rush. Battery had gone done. £50 for a new one. 


And my poor coach/editor E.J had a small accident and hurt her arm. 


Jeeze, this week has been a real nightmare. Hope tomorrow brings something nice for us all. 


Hopefully we can pull the baby tank apart and see if there is indeed something blocking the heater. Least I can get rid of some blanket weed and clean the tunnel. 


Fingers crossed tormorrow is easier than the rest of this week has been. Think we might as well eat out tonight 🙂 


Catch you soon. 



Goodbye 2012

helllooooo 2013…

I am not going to be sad to see this year disappear into the dust.

It has been one of the hardest years of my life, in terms of work, (both for myself and Paul) my home life (a result of work) and my koi. 😦

Too many ups and downs for my liking and I can only hope that this next year has a more positive and happy outcome.

I can say that 2012, has been more positive for my writing. That has taken a much better turn. So I have one thing I am pleased about.

Best Friends, Irobe and working on my Sci Fi TV series and novel for The Secret King.

So, without any hesitation I bid 2012 goodbye. See you on the other side. 🙂

May you all have a wonderful evening with family or friends, stay safe and enjoy.

Dawn x x

Killing a character :(

So, today I am feeling a little rough. Woke up this morning and couldn’t feel the left side of my throat. Swallowing was even worse, so I am afraid I had a hot toddy and went to bed for an hour. That means little writing done for the day. 😦

What I wanted to chat about here really was the thoughts I’ve been feeling for the last few days. I’ve gotten to know my characters through November pretty well. They’re funny, loving and hard working.  Yet, when the opportunity arises to do that most hurtful thing and lose a character, how do you do it?

I don’t mean how you actually kill them, there can be many reasons for their death. What I mean is how you cope and deal with it as a writer?

Spoiler – For me, this time around came because my story takes place with my characters fleeing their home planet. They are at war with a neighbouring species. This particular character is a hero, he saves many lives in aptly defending his people while injured. Those injuries aren’t yet life threatening. (But the opportunity arose for me to lose him) yet I couldn’t quite make that final decision. I thought and thought about it. But, I just couldn’t kill him.

So I posed the question to facebook and my writer friends….

It was a close friends (lovely) wife that said ‘If in doubt, kill them.’ and that was the final straw, my characters fate was sealed. And his injuries became life threatening and then he passed on.

I am totally at a loss now. Mourning along with everyone left behind. 😦

I feel for them and I feel for myself.

Does anyone else have any experience as they lose characters, or purposely plan to kill them off? How do you deal with it? Do you get as upset as me? Or are you all okay with it?

I have had a break today, but I’ll be getting back into the swing of it tomorrow. Although writing in a funeral isn’t going to be nice either.

Happy writing all. 🙂

Dawn x


A sad day : (

So today we lost our Shusui.

A Koi that we have had for 4 years.

Of course, she didn’t look as clean as that anymore. The blue had spread, but she was one of our first, and you don’t forget that.

I wondered if you could protect the content of your blog, as I was going to upload some of the autopsy pictures. However, realized they might be a little gruesome for some. So decided against it.

The autopsy revealed she had a large cyst. And millions of eggs. Although the eggs were not bad there was nothing we could have done to save her. A real shame, but at least she isn’t suffering anymore.

However, if anyone is interested don’t hesitate to ask,

Sorry that this week has been a tough one. Hopefully, it will get better from here.