Copy Edit – done :)

For those who follow me and know about my novel TSK- Lethao it’s been a whilr-wind of a few months, from beta to finalising a draft, to finding someone who I could work with and trust to do a good copy edit.

Well today I got my copy edit back. I am thrilled. (even though I know nothing about punctuation and grammar) I am totally sure it will make all the difference to those that do. I could not be more proud of where this book has come. I’m sure people will still hate it, but that just comes with writing in general…

So my plan now, is to work through all these edits, the odd comment and things, to send it back for formatting and then to query.

I’ve been working on a pitch and query while waiting to get the MS back, and I have to admit it is the hardest thing to write EVER! I mean I’ve never had problems with loglines, with writing letters, but this. It is defeating me.

I’m researching all the possible people I can send out an email too but all I’m getting back from the crit sites, Scrib and Agent Query connect is conflicting advice and comments, I know that it doesn’t matter so much in 100k and everyone will have an opinion. But in less than 300 words it’s driving me insane.

My next few weeks are planned, between keeping my commitments going and in achieving my goal of having a pitch perfect query. Anyone with any other tidbits of advice, please drop me a line.

Thanks πŸ™‚

The words no Koi Keeper ever wishes to here. :(

A lot of you know I keep Koi, my pictures and videos are there for all to see. They’re a huge part of my life, I love them, just as much as I love my cat, Spooky and my Parrot, Bobby.

The latest video of course

But, you don’t know that I also help moderate over a few forums. Mostly the guys there play nice, which is always good to see. And I help where and wherever I can. Locally in my area, I’ve helped a few valued friends. And hope to continue to do so.

But there are some very worrying concerns within the hobby a virus called KHV which everyone knows and learns about. It was with great sadness that I’ve followed one of our forum members tragic experience this last week in their collection getting sick, to the Final Diagnosis and euthanasia of their whole pond. 😦

I won’t take any of their post to put here, but wanted to link to the forum because of all the love and support Bryan and Rosemary have had there.

The posts speak for themselves, and I am very proud of our community and the site for what it is. As far as a hobby goes, you will never, ever have friends like you do here.

Completely different to the bird community. There is no where near as much nonsense. I am a proud and happy Koi Keeper, and I hope that Bryan and Rosemary may start again. With love and support anything is possible.

I wish them well for the future.

Catch up and exhausted!

I owe you guys so much, but it’s been a crazy bonkers two weeks.

I had two friends come to stay for 7 days, they arrived a little early, but we worked it out.

This is their blog – With us part 1.

and part 2 –

But this weeks been a right ole hard one. Not just on the catch up side of things, but I’ve a back injury I didn’t know I had. I can’t concentrate, and I’m just exhausted. I want Saturday to be just a total chill out day, but I doubt it will happen.

I needs a break!

In the news, Eating disorders rising %25 in three years, I’m all scared for our whole country. The NHS is trying it’s best to get more funding for Mental Illness, but it’s so sad to hear these stats, this week.

Will try and write some more over the weekend, but I can’t promise anything. : ( I just want to hole up and hide a little while.