Crazy week!


So sorry I haven’t updated much this week. It’s been very busy.

Went back to work, which was tough. The knee sort of holding up, hurts more in the afternoon than the morning after I’ve been driving all day on it.


Had to come home from work, and then we were straight out to pick our new family friend up. A collegue of my hubby’s just got himself an African Grey and the poor ringneck he bought last year was being left in his cage, so he offered him to us.

I’ve never owned a bird before, so this experience is totally new for me. I was kinda scared of them in college, because they flew about. But, seeing them be social brought me around.

I am guessing these next few weeks will be more posts about Bobby… as well as my writing and my fish. lol…


Our 15th wedding anniversary. Paul and I got together in June 1996 nearly 17 years of ups and downs. Mostly ups though 🙂

I also had a session with E.J which went very well, the more sessions I have the more I learn about story telling in a prose setting. Where as I am used to doing it in a script writing sense. This is all new to me, as is learning about ‘modifers’ present or past participles. Etc etc…


Pauls’ 53rd birthday, he had to go to work but we managed to celebrate later on.


We managed to relax a bit. Clean the ponds, check on all the fish. I actually took a few scrapes and some from the sides of the ponds to see what other creatures we have living in them. It was a pretty interesting afternoon, researching what those critters were.


We won a new cage for Bobby off Ebay so we went to pick it up from Skipton. It’s a much bigger cage, and we’re still settling him in, so it might be a while before we actually get to put him in it.

All tiny steps. One day at a time. After all it took me months to get my koi to hand feed and to be comfortable with me almost stroking them and picking them up out of the water, so I can only imagine how long it will take for us to get Bobby used to being around us.

Hope this week is a little easier on us. 🙂

Catch you soon.

Dawn x x

A quick one…


Hi there,

Only a quick update today. Been a long one as I didn’t sleep much last night.

The weekend was good, caught up on some outside jobs with the ponds. I haven’t touched anything in a week, so I had to get out there and see how everyone was really doing. Nice and sunny so it was amazing to be outside for a change.

Sunday as a little bit of a washout.

But —


— we’re getting a new friend… a Blue Indian Parrot. A friend of ours bought him last year and has since gotten an African Grey, so can’t keep both. I’ve never had a bird before with keeping a cat. It’s a friendly, young bird. So we should be able to get it to talk quite soon. It needs a mirror and lots of time. 🙂 I can do that, it can sit with me watching me type. lol




I’ve had a good few crits through on ‘scribophile’ along with my coaching, so I’ve let my head settle on where I want to move and change things. I finally felt like I was ready to tackle a re-write. It might take me a while. But I am more confident now about it 🙂


I went back to work today. A bit tough, it was harder to drive than I first thought. With some pain killers in the morning though I made it just the four hours before I needed more. Eeek. At least my customers were all happy to have me back. 🙂 I was happy over that.


So, long day, heading to bed. Hope you are all great.


Dawn x x




Friday :)

Well I’ve had a different week. It’s been pretty ‘mundane’ but at least I’ve had chance to rest. And I mean proper rest. Not been able to do much of anything physically due to the sore knee. 

Yesterday I tried not taking any meds to see how the pain was. Even just pottering about the house, getting a drink and making my dinner ended up making it hurt by late afternoon, so I needed to take meds. I’m really not looking forward to going back to work as I know it is still going to hurt. Maybe a lot, maybe not. I don’t know… I am going to have to wait and see. 

I just hope that I can cope with it and work through another few weeks… I think this one is going to take me a while to physically get over it and yes, I have to be careful not to do it again. Although I can’t work out how I actually managed to go over on it in the first place. 😦 

Writing wise. Nada… I’ve had lots of time to think about it, but not do. My heads been so fuzzy on these pain meds I just haven’t been able to think enough to tackle anything. So I’m kinda depressed about that. I was hoping to have at least a chapter done by this week even without being in work. Not meant to be. So I’m a little behind. I need some more goals there for the next few weeks. 

Ep 5 of Best Friends is in editing still. 🙂 I know this is taking a little more time than the last few but this one is set in two different parts of the country so it’s to be expected. I can’t wait to see it though as the pics in the ice cream parlour look fantastic… 

Other projects are moving at a steady pace. I kinda feel like a plodding horse in that sense but it’s all good. Can’t rush anything. There would be no point. 

The weekend ahead is going to be much the same, apart from hubby will be here. I think we have to nip to liverpool tomorrow. I might actually try and drive for a bit. See how I cope. eek

I am going to tackle some edits tomorrow… I am, promise… lol

Sunday we’re supposed to have a friend coming to take a few of my fish. He’s wanted them since last year, not they’re bigger and fatter and temps are improving so he can pick which he likes the look of. 

I’m gutted in this respect. I like opening the tunnel flap and seeing them whoosh over to get their dinner. The more that go the less whoosing there is. And less faces to see. 😦 it’s sad but they are getting too big for their tank now, they need a nice new home. I’m very happy to let them go. 

Sanke is doing much better. All scrapes are clear… from both ponds. It’s been over 9 weeks now. 🙂 I’ve very pleased. 

There are however some increasing sets of problems being experienced by other koi keepers. We’re heading into spring now. The weather finally has started to get warmer and the parasites are out with a vengeance.  This is heart breaking because some are losing their prized fish. 😦 Not a good time of year really. I can only keep doing what i’m doing and try to offer my limited bits of advice or at least point them to someone who really can help them. 

Looking forward to a sunny nice weekend. Let’s hope it’s a nice one. Speak soon… 


Dawn x x 

Docs again…

I had to go back to the docs today. Because my knee just isn’t getting too much better. I did a little on it yesterday and there was so much pain last night. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t get comfortable. : ( 

The doc signed me off till the 22nd. Although I could do without ‘no cash’ we’ll cope. However I’m concerned still at present for when I do go back. 

Had no concentration the last couple of days. Can’t even watch the TV. Just feel all weirded out. Which for me isn’t nice. Could be the meds. I don’t know. I’m exhausted too. 

So a break it really is. More TV and rest. 

We’ve still got some problems with Paul’s car, so it looks like we’ll have to put the bike on the road fix this up and move it on. He hates it already which isn’t good. 

Koi are loving this warmer weather 🙂 Shame I can’t do much with them, bar feed em. lol

Watched a nice film last night. Will see what we can pick out tonight. 🙂 


Speak soon. 


D x x 


Well what can I say. The sun is out and I can’t do anything.

Paul has gone off to Banks Car Booty. Which I would have enjoyed but the pain in my knee just isn’t going. Yesterday had to be the worst, although in the morning the swelling had gone down, by the afternoon it was right back out there. Took all evening soaking it in pain killers and a special ‘patch’ for it to ease. I just wish it would go away. The throbbing is kinda okay. But the not sleeping and wobbliness isn’t nice. Every time I stand it feels like my leg is gonna give out and I’ll be in a heap on the floor. It’s scary. 

Writing wise…. well haven’t been able to concentrate to do any editing. So, I’ve been reading instead. This has given me plenty of time for relaxing…. a couch potato I am. I hate being a couch potato… it’s  making me feel like a blimp. 😦 So, not only am I in pain, my heads battering me to death too. Depressed is not the word. 

I always try not to worry over money. We can cope, its not going to be a brilliant month end with me having time off but I guess it had to happen at some point. My body is only human and things happen. I’ll deal with that as it crops up. 


My fish is doing much better in the QT, he’s lively, his swelling has gone down. (hahah maybe I should get in there with them) and I totally believe he’s going to be right as rain in a few weeks. 🙂 Fingers crossed I’m going to be okay ‘this’ week. 

So more rest and recoup for me. In face I think I’ll head back to bed now. My eyes can’t focus. 

Have a great weekend all.  x x x


Speak soon.