Docs again…

I had to go back to the docs today. Because my knee just isn’t getting too much better. I did a little on it yesterday and there was so much pain last night. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t get comfortable. : ( 

The doc signed me off till the 22nd. Although I could do without ‘no cash’ we’ll cope. However I’m concerned still at present for when I do go back. 

Had no concentration the last couple of days. Can’t even watch the TV. Just feel all weirded out. Which for me isn’t nice. Could be the meds. I don’t know. I’m exhausted too. 

So a break it really is. More TV and rest. 

We’ve still got some problems with Paul’s car, so it looks like we’ll have to put the bike on the road fix this up and move it on. He hates it already which isn’t good. 

Koi are loving this warmer weather 🙂 Shame I can’t do much with them, bar feed em. lol

Watched a nice film last night. Will see what we can pick out tonight. 🙂 


Speak soon. 


D x x 

4 comments on “Docs again…

  1. have you tried warmed towels draped around the knee? while you’re in sitting mode? the heat might help relax the muscles and tendons. but a towel wouldn’t n feel heavy line a hot-water bottle would.

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