Over the hump… again :)

Where has this week gone? 

I think because we were off on Monday that it’s totally made a massive difference. And of course we also had the clocks go forward. It’s been a totally weird week. No where near enough sleep I am so exhausted and excited all at the same time. 



Well since winning the membership on Scribophile. I’ve read a good few pieces of work and met some great people. 

I received my Editors Choice review and the most wonderful comment from her in an email. I only hope to continue to do my own writing proud. I’m chuffed with the whole week so far it’s been amazing. I am happy that others find and understand my writing to be not only entertaining but interesting enough to read. 🙂 

I’ll be working with E.J in the next couple of weeks once again. Hopefully she’ll have sorted out a working computer to use… ‘hope’ 


I must admit I’ve taken a little break from the editing side of things this week. I need to gather my thoughts at present. I also actually have a whole ‘new’ chapter brewing in my head. Although I don’t know if it will fit in or not. Or why it wants to come out now. I do however think it’s needed to bring a couple of the other characters to the front a bit. So we’ll see. 

I have author friends who have already published their books and are onto their second. What is taking me so long… I sometimes wonder. But then again… I also don’t want to rush through it. I want to actually try and get this into the traditional publishing world. And for that I need it not only to be killer. But to be the best I can get it. I’m a perfectionist. 

It’s getting there. It’s getting so so much better. I can’t wait to really get it out there. 🙂 


Ummmmm everything else. Seems A O K for now. Fingers crossed. 


Will catch you soon. Love… D x x