Over the hump… again :)

Where has this week gone? 

I think because we were off on Monday that it’s totally made a massive difference. And of course we also had the clocks go forward. It’s been a totally weird week. No where near enough sleep I am so exhausted and excited all at the same time. 



Well since winning the membership on Scribophile. I’ve read a good few pieces of work and met some great people. 

I received my Editors Choice review and the most wonderful comment from her in an email. I only hope to continue to do my own writing proud. I’m chuffed with the whole week so far it’s been amazing. I am happy that others find and understand my writing to be not only entertaining but interesting enough to read. 🙂 

I’ll be working with E.J in the next couple of weeks once again. Hopefully she’ll have sorted out a working computer to use… ‘hope’ 


I must admit I’ve taken a little break from the editing side of things this week. I need to gather my thoughts at present. I also actually have a whole ‘new’ chapter brewing in my head. Although I don’t know if it will fit in or not. Or why it wants to come out now. I do however think it’s needed to bring a couple of the other characters to the front a bit. So we’ll see. 

I have author friends who have already published their books and are onto their second. What is taking me so long… I sometimes wonder. But then again… I also don’t want to rush through it. I want to actually try and get this into the traditional publishing world. And for that I need it not only to be killer. But to be the best I can get it. I’m a perfectionist. 

It’s getting there. It’s getting so so much better. I can’t wait to really get it out there. 🙂 


Ummmmm everything else. Seems A O K for now. Fingers crossed. 


Will catch you soon. Love… D x x 

4 comments on “Over the hump… again :)

  1. Everyone writes and attempts to publish at their own speed.
    This is from a book I read when I was six, in 1963:
    “If Every Child was just like every other
    you wouldn’t know who was your sister or brother.
    And if every flower looked just the same,
    ‘flower’ would have to be each flower’s name.”
    – Pepito’s Story by Eugene Fern (1960)

    So going at your timeline is the only way to go.

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