A quick one…


Hi there,

Only a quick update today. Been a long one as I didn’t sleep much last night.

The weekend was good, caught up on some outside jobs with the ponds. I haven’t touched anything in a week, so I had to get out there and see how everyone was really doing. Nice and sunny so it was amazing to be outside for a change.

Sunday as a little bit of a washout.

But —


— we’re getting a new friend… a Blue Indian Parrot. A friend of ours bought him last year and has since gotten an African Grey, so can’t keep both. I’ve never had a bird before with keeping a cat. It’s a friendly, young bird. So we should be able to get it to talk quite soon. It needs a mirror and lots of time. 🙂 I can do that, it can sit with me watching me type. lol




I’ve had a good few crits through on ‘scribophile’ along with my coaching, so I’ve let my head settle on where I want to move and change things. I finally felt like I was ready to tackle a re-write. It might take me a while. But I am more confident now about it 🙂


I went back to work today. A bit tough, it was harder to drive than I first thought. With some pain killers in the morning though I made it just the four hours before I needed more. Eeek. At least my customers were all happy to have me back. 🙂 I was happy over that.


So, long day, heading to bed. Hope you are all great.


Dawn x x