Cora – Day 5

Well the little madam is settling in well. Lol, she lunged at me this morning. Proper growled and lunged. This might get interesting today, with the training I have planned for her. EEEP. However, I didn’t back off. Stood my ground with her and let her see I wasn’t a threat even though for some bizarre reason today she thought I was.

So, training began and now I’ve had the door open for twenty minutes. She’s been out, sat on top of the cage, beak grinding I might add… and has now gone back in for some more breakfast.

She’s going to have some freedom today. I know her favourite treat to get her back in. Black Grapes, although there isn’t much in the nutritional sense, it’s what she adores, and goes for first. Even over the nuts….

Leaving her to settle in the dining room, and hoping that when I go back in the living room Bobby won’t escape, or today might just get even worse, and I don’t want that. He has to steer clear, they’re supposed to be in QT…  love bugs. x out

Cora – Day 4

Cora today was going bonkers over Bobby flying about although she couldn’t see him she could sure hear him and respond. And him for her. It really is love at first sound. I would never have thought it.

So the sneaky bird Bobby, managed to get back in to see her and when I found him this time, he was dancing to her and she was open beaked accepting food from him. facepalm.

When we took him away, she wasn’t happy. Clearly and resumed pacing.

So, normally QT is essential for birds, but they’re already managed to break it. The joy of not having doors that close and the species of bird being the same. The fact that they clearly want to be together is going to prove impossible to stop. I’ve been wondering if it would just be easier on them both to be in the same room. So we’re going to play about and see if both cages will fit. Not easy in my 10ft, by 8ft room.

🙂 Will keep you updated. And seeing as Cora has joined the flock a vet visit alongside ‘chubby’ will do well.

Now I’ll have to weigh them both, and I’m really sure Cora will get used to things quicker if Bobby’s her influence, he’s a little gem 🙂 honest….

Cora – Day 3

I didn’t get chance to write about her yesterday so there are two today.

I was concerned for her behaviour and so asked a few friends. Video is here.

Cora was pacing a lot when first uncovered and throughout the day. Advice was to cover a portion of her cage and move her food bowl close to where she could sit comfortably.

This seemed to make a difference yesterday…


Progress at work was lots of nice writing done 🙂

Cora – Day 2

Well she’s a quiet little thing, but after a bath last night she’s starting to come around. Desperate to see Bobby, I’m sure. They’re not talking to each other. She’s a funny kind of cry, almost like she’s not sure what to say to him.

I am thinking she might well be more of a mans bird than actually liking me, but she’s taken food from both of us today and seems to be quite happy pacing her cage trying to get out.

The sure fact she’s already taking food from us is a much different situation than when we had Bobby. It took me 6 weeks to get him to take anything from me. Coaxing him down further and further, till he was close enough to snatch.


So, we’ve had an interesting day. I went to work. Feeding the railway lads, while Paul went to the pub and is now sat at home, waiting for me.

I had corned beef hash for my Xmas dinner and got to chat to a lot of lads who are working the extra shifts to pay for their kids toys etc.

It’s weird the way the world works, but hey ho. I’ve had a productive and quiet day. Just waiting now till I can go home. If I can find my way out of here… I’m not the most confident driver. Especially in the dark. And I’m in a new van, which is a lot bigger than my own. EEEK.

Oh well. Catch you later, and hope you’ve all had a wonderful day.


Cora – Day 1

I’m going to try and keep a record of what Cora is like. From her arrival –

So starting from her first day. She was pretty nervous. Although not totally as stressed as I first thought she might be. I’m only going off what my Bobby was like for comparison and he was really freaked out. She was eating well, poop a little runny, but she’d had a lot of fruit and veg, and also a hard day. Will monitor it over the next few days.

Due to them both having an exciting day. Both Irn’s went to bed early 7.30pm.

Breakfast and wake up was at 8am this morning, so a good rest. Both tucked right into their chop and veggies. Cora went straight for the apple. A thing that Bobby did also when first here. When I gave her some seed later on this afternoon, the peanut of course was then fav. So removed all other peanuts and tried to tempt her over with one.

Not flying away from me, no moving too much out of the way. She’s a lot tamer than Bobby was, it took me a week to be even able to put my hand near the cage without him freaking out. Cora’s behaviour this afternoon while eating dinner was also a bit odd. She wanted to get out of course and eat what I was having. But it’s too soon for that. Maybe in a few day’s I might start allowing her to see the open door.

2014-12-24 11.58.57

Paul managed to get a couple of slightly better pictures.

2014-12-24 11.58.29

So you can see her a bit better, she’s really cute, and tiny. Her tail is in a bad way, very grotty and one of them is almost 2 inch shorter than the other, I’m assuming it snapped off or she’s barbed it at some point. It will soon moult out though I have no doubt, Bobby was only here a couple of weeks and he started to shed feathers.

So, for the first day, she’s done amazingly well so far. Made one tiny little squark which then got Bobby all excited. lol

I’m really looking forward to her trusting me more. She’s adorable!